Friday, October 1, 2010

Brady Ellison - A Winner On and Off the Field

This letter was emailed to us from Julie Nichols who is the Mother of Mental Management client and Olympian Archer, Brady Ellison. Brady is not only ranked as one of the best in his sport but according to this letter he also acts like a winner off the field too. We hope you will enjoy this note.

Dear Mrs. Nichols,
I wanted to take the opportunity to write to you about your son, Brady, and our experience meeting him on a recent trip we took. We hope that you will pass this along to him and everyone that he represents. We found his website when I googled him.

My husband and I recently did a tour of Great Britain and one of the stops was in Edinburgh, Scotland. While we were there, we happened upon the Archery World Cup. We noticed several of the athletes were from the USA, as were we, so we decided to stop and watch for a bit. The match we saw was Brady shooting against a gentleman from India, he had us holding our breath as I'm sure he had you doing the same. It was so exciting, we decided to stay and watch his Gold medal match. We were not in the stands, but were watching from above on the gallery outside the museum and cafe. We cheered with all the other spectators up there when he won. We watched the Medal ceremonies and watched his interviews. We noticed that there were quite a few people waiting around where the walkway was blocked off. We overheard a lady (his grandma we learned) say that they were waiting for Brady to walk up. We thought we would try to get a picture with him, after all, it's not everyday you get to meet an Olympian.

Brady finally made his way up the walkway, with you carrying all his trophies and stuff, along with his coach. Wow. What a poised young man you have raised. He spent over a hour and a half, I know because we waited, signing autographs, t-shirts, hats whatever anyone had. He took pictures with anyone who asked. He took the time to talk with everyone and "Thank" them for their support and coming out to watch. He was the great with all the children, who were so in awe, he took the time with each and every one of them and made them feel special. We were waiting our turn and making small talk with one of the spectators, who told us about what Brady had done the day before with an autistic boy. My understanding is the boy came both days with his mom and knew everything about Brady, all his stats. They had met you in line and you had said you would ask Brady to come to the stands and they could get a picture. The gentleman said Brady came to the stands and sat down and talked with the boy for quite some time, took pictures and was very good with him. The gentleman said that was the moment that Brady went from being someone he cheered for to being a hero. We didn't witness that, but we saw how he interacted with everyone when the competition was over. He won over a lot of fans that were for other countries. We heard quite a few of the children say they wanted to be just like Brady when they grew up. That made us chuckle because Brady is not much older than them. It is so refreshing to see an athlete who is a positive role model. We are so often bombarded by the media with all the professional athletes who make the news for drugs or breaking the law, Brady is a breath of fresh air. He took a picture with an old couple (us) and talked with us for a bit. He is a well spoken, humble young man who obviously loves what he does. He made us both proud to be Americans and a little teary. It was a nice unexpected surprise and one of the highlights of our trip.

We will continue to follow Brady, not necessarily because of archery, but because of the wonderful young man who spent hours with his fans. Congratulations to Brady on a fantastic year, we wish him continued success. Congratulations to USA Archery, the USOC and all of Brady's sponsors on having such a fine representative.

Congratulations to you, Mrs. Nichols, on having raised such a poised and wonderful young man. We only spent a short time with him, but he made a lasting impression. We had planned on returning to Great Britain for another trip and now we are looking at going during the London 2012 Olympics to cheer Brady on to Gold.
Congratulations Again - Sincerely, Mary

You never know who will be watching you as you compete for your dreams - so always act like a Champion, win or lose. Because at the end of the day, the people you meet and inspire will mean more than the trophies that gather dust on your mantle.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Great Year for Brady Ellison!

This is an email we received from Mel Nichols about Archer Brady Ellison with a link to his finals from the World Cup in Edinburgh!

Here is a link to Bradys Final Match at the World Cup Final in Edinburgh GB. He rocked the Finals! 2010 has been a great year! This year Brady also made the Number One world ranking from FITA. Brady started off the year with a win in Porec Croatia and finished the year with a win in Edinburgh. There are two more USAT events this year Brady is going to shoot. He is also on the team heading down to the Pan American Champiopnships test event. It has been a long year and he is looking forward to a much needed break. I hope all is well in Texas.

Take Care,

Brady has been a student of Mental Management since 2007 when he attended a 2 day training course with Lanny and Troy Bassham. Congrats on a great 2010!!

Friday, September 17, 2010

"With Winning in Mind" 3rd Edition Now Available

Mental Management Systems Announces the Brand New Edition of Lanny Bassham's best selling book "With Winning in Mind"

Purchase now as an audio download for a Special Discounted Price until Oct. 1st

3rd Edition of With Winning in Mind

The last time Lanny Bassham revised "With Winning in Mind" was in 1995! The first edition was written in 1988. It's long overdue for an updated version of the book and we have a special announcement!

The Audio Download version of the new 3rd Edition of "With Winning in Mind" is now available! It is on sale for $24.95 until Oct. 1st - at that time it will be changed to it's regular price of $31.50. (Save $6.55 by ordering now)

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Lanny Bassham enhanced several chapters of "With Winning in Mind" (Goal Setting, Mental Program, Skills Factory, etc) and added a several new chapters (Pressure, Number One Mental Problem, Decisiveness, The Challenge) to update the book.

The Audio Version is read by Lanny.

The Table of Contents of the new version:

Chapter 1 - It Doesn't Matter if You Win or Lose, Until you Lose

Chapter 2 - Winning is a Process

Chapter 3 - Principles of Mental Management

Chapter 4 - The Balance of Power

Chapter 5 - The Mental Management Goal Setting System

Chapter 6 - The Principle of Reinforcement

Chapter 7 - Rehearsal: The Most Versatile Mental Tool

Chapter 8 - The Three Phases of a Task

Chapter 9 - Running a Mental Program

Chapter 10 - Pressure - Is it a Friend or Foe?

Chapter 11 - The Number One Mental Problem

Chapter 12 - The Skills Factory

Chapter 13 - Performance Analysis

Chapter 14 - Building a Better You

Chapter 15 - The Directive Affirmation - the Power Tool for Self-Image Change

Chapter 16 - Making the Directive Affirmation Work for You

Chapter 17 - Decisiveness

Chapter 18 - Become a Promoter

Chapter 19 - The Challenge

This Audio Download is applicable to anyone striving to improve their mental consistency in sport, business, performance or life.

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Texas Junior Golf Tour and Mental Management

Quotes from the Texas Junior Golf Tour CBM Director and President on Mental Management Systems.

Dave Jones, TJGT President stated, “As a former Air Force fighter pilot and NCAA athlete, I realized that being successful in sports and in your professional life meant there would always be times of “pressure to perform” in key situations. Whether it is a big play or shot on the course, taking an ACT/SAT test or preparing for a difficult check ride in a fighter or commercial jet, I learned quickly those who can manage their emotions and focus on the task at hand in high pressure situations were the ones who excelled. Lanny and Troy’s programs at Mental Management couldn’t be a better fit for the competitive junior golfer seeking to maximizing the golf and academic performance to obtain that all important college scholarship. This partnership and the free gifts are another example of TJGT’s commitment to bring the best overall value in junior golf. Mental Management will assist every member to generate an edge over their competitors on the golf course and in the classroom. We look forward to partnering with Lanny & Troy in continuing our passion of every TJGT member receiving a college education and maximizing their potential.”

Coach Monzingo, TJGT CBM Director stated, “Simply put, those who can perform on the course and in the classroom the best under pressure are the players who rise to the top. I have recruited many players at the collegiate level and those who can raise their performance in competitive, pressure filled situations are the ones who college coaches select. Time and time again as a teacher in the classroom and a collegiate golf coach, the kids who had good “Mental Management” training are the ones who excelled above their peers. Lanny & Troy are men of outstanding character and experience. Our CBM players & families will greatly benefit from the gifts and the training from Mental Management. I encourage every TJGT player inside the college bound membership program to seek out this exceptional training. Lanny & Troy are first class people with gold medal results.”

For more information on Lanny Bassham, Troy Bassham and Mental Management please visit

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Last Day to SAVE $145 on Coaches Training

Mental Management Coaches Training

When: September 22-23, 2010
8:30am to 5pm each day

Where: Marriott Courtyard
2701 Lake Vista Drive, Lewisville, Texas 75067

Cost: $695 per person. Early registration is $550.00 until September 2nd.

Register: Call 972-899-9640 or online HERE

Learn how to improve your coaching skills with training from Olympic Champion, Mental Coach and former Olympic Coach, Lanny Bassham!

What will you learn:
4 Participation Levels
4 Stages of Learning
4 Readiness Factors
4 Coaching Styles Guidelines of Coaching Importance of Edification
Benefits of Learning from Mistakes
Triad State Analysis
Mastery Curve How People Learn
How to Conduct Performance Coaching Session
Teaching Moment
How the Mental Game Syncs with Technique and Form
Self-Image Change
Mental Management as it Pertains to Instruction
Pressure Control

Attendees will also receive the Performance Coaching 4 CD Set ($75 value)

Coaches training is applicable to all coaches, teachers, managers and parents.
Coaches who have attended previous Mental Management Coaches Training include
coaches in the following sports: Archery, Baseball, Bowling, Dog Sports, Golf, Pistol/Rifle, Shotgun Sports, Swimming, Tennis

Non-sports related coaches, directors or managers in the following areas also attended this training: Dance, Vocal Performance, Business/Sales, Pageant Director/Coach, Law Enforcement, Parents

If you are a coach or instructor and would like to partner with us in the area of applying our information to your clients then we have some great news for you. This training program will be the first step toward an official and recognized alignment with our company.

Save $145 if you register BY TODAY!!!

Call to Register: 972-899-9640

Seating is limited to only the first 20 coaches who register!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Blast from the Past - David Kimes

This is a blast from the past. A testimonial from one of Lanny's first Mental Management clients ever! David Kimes sent us this testimonial several years ago and it was posted in our September 2003 issue of MENTALCOACH email newsletter!

I was World Champion and world record holder in the 300 meter standard rifle event (1974) when I first heard about Lanny Bassham's Mental Management course. I was anxious to repeat my win and increase my world record at the next World Shooting Championships to be held in Seoul, Korea in 1978. I was putting it all on the line. I had quit my job in aerospace to practice full-time and prepare for that event and then planned to stick it out for the 1980 Olympic Team tryouts. I was getting help from the Army Reserve International Team, but I needed insurance. That insurance (besides a fine backup rifle): the mental edge that would let my improving practice scores translate to a winning Championship score. Those principles of Mental Management, positive reinforcement, mental rehearsal, the mental program, visualization, positive expectations, these and other mental skills passed on to me by Lanny in 1977 ... all gave me that strong "mental tool box", empowering me to walk around all the other competitors in my event. That was in addition to improving my scores! The feeling of successfully defending my World Championship and increasing my world record that day in October of 1978 is hard to describe.

Lanny, I cannot thank you enough!

David Kimes, World Champion + World Record - 1974, 1978 Olympic Team, 1980.

It's exciting to know Mental Management has been helping competitors reach their goals for over 33 years! David Kimes was one of Lanny Bassham's very first students.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Lanny Bassham the Speaker

We just received this email today, Lanny did a keynote speech in Des Moines, IA earlier this month and we received these kind words from the head of the company.

"Lanny Bassham was our Keynote speaker for our 2010 Half Time report. His dramatic story telling style coupled with the powerful "Freedom Flight" story had his audience hanging on every word. In today's world, driven by media and their focus on negative news, the ability to focus on the important and let the noise fade into the background is a powerful tool. The day after our event the calls and email's of praise poured in from our clients. His story of the strength of the human spirit and passion for excellence was exactly what we had hoped for in a keynote speaker. Thank you for the opportunity to share your story and passion with our clients." Brian J Hood CFP, Founder Legacy Financial Group

Interested in having Lanny speak for your company or organization, please call 972-899-9640 or send an email request to

Friday, May 7, 2010

Interview with Ben Crane on his Mental Game

This interview includes a conversation about Ben’s mental game. Ben has been working closely with Lanny & Troy Bassham and is applying Mental Management on Tour!

To learn more about Mental Management for golf go to!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Kyle Gary Wins District Golf Tournament

Congratulations to Mental Management Student Kyle Gary for his victory on March 29th in the TAPS 3A Division District High School Golf Tournament!

He led all competitors in extreme wind conditions with a 77 and helped his team place 3rd overall.

This victory helped Kyle qualify for State!

Kyle is a student of Troy Bassham using Mental Management to improve his mental skills in golf. For more details on Mental Management please call 972-899-9640

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hire Troy Bassham to speak for your company, organization, club or team!

Hire Mental Management Coach Troy Bassham to speak for your company, organization, club or team!

What is Mental Management?
In 1972, at the Munich Germany Olympic Games, Lanny Bassham -- the father of Troy Bassham -- failed in his attempt to win the Gold Medal in International Rifle Shooting. He had a mental failure resulting in his taking the Silver instead. Frustrated, Lanny wanted to take a course in controlling the mind under pressure. After looking for such a seminar and not finding satisfaction, Bassham began to interview Olympic Gold Medalists to discover what they were doing differently to win.

What he discovered was truly remarkable. Bassham created a system of mental control he called Mental Management®. Within the next six years Lanny Bassham dominated his sport, winning 22 world individual and team titles, setting four world records and winning the coveted Olympic Gold Medal in Montreal in 1976.

The Goal of the Seminar: The goal in this seminar for athletes is to help them and the team reach their goals and win! The key to achieving this is the mental game. Many people think you don't really need to worry about the mental game until you have a high level of mastery of the basic form of a sport. Nothing could be further from the truth! Mental Management® has been taught to Olympians, business owners, Fortune 500 Corporations and college athletes. The Mental Management System is a recognized performance enhancement program that is taught to and used by World and Olympic Champions throughout the world. There clients include the PGA and PGA tour players, World and Olympic champions, Fortune 500 companies, The United States Secret Service, The US Navy SEALS, The United States Army Marksmanship Unit, The US Marine Corps Marksmanship Unit and Olympic teams of USA, Canada, India, Japan, Republic of China, Korea and Australia.

Who is Troy Bassham? A senior level instructor, Troy won 12 national championships, set 4 national records and won the CISM World Championship in 1999. Troy was a member of the Bronze Medal winning team in the 2002 World Championships for the USA. From 1994 to present, Troy has worked with hundreds of junior athletes with their mental game developing dozens of National Champions. Troy spent many years in University administration prior to coming to MMS and is in demand as a speaker to college-bound students on how to get the most out of their college experience.

To learn more about how to hire Troy please email or call the Mental Management office at 972-899-9640.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dog Obedience Success Story

This email was sent to us a while back and sorting through our inbox it was located again today. We wanted to take a moment to post it and share on our blog!

"Taylor and I competed in obedience. I had done some obedience with her uncle - Nirvana's Irish Stu CDX but I was still very new to the sport. I was introduced to "With Winning in Mind" by my trainer at the time. Taylor and I had struggled with the 3rd level - Utility but persisted. We started using your program of visualization and positive self talk and our performances started to greatly improve. To achieve an OTCH title we had to compete and beat some of the best dog and handler teams in the country. As we were new to this - the task was daunting. Your program was a very important part of our success. It was an incredible experience to have such a close and wonderful connection with my best team mate and best friend - Taylor, having the mental discipline to stay focused and on track made it all possible." Barbara

Friday, April 16, 2010

Mental Coach Troy Bassham - Testimonial from Parent

(pictured Matt McLean, Thomas Birdsey & Justin Poynter at Jim McLean's Golf Center)

"The game of golf requires equal mental skills as physical skills to reach ones potential. Troy Bassham with Mental Management has had a profound effect on our son’s performance in tournament competition. In fact, the first tournament after Thomas’ Mental Management session with Troy, Thomas accomplished his first ever bogie free round the first day of an AJGA Junior Golf Tournament. A few weeks later, Thomas qualified for the US Amateur the summer before his senior year in high school. We are particularly impressed with Troy’s mentoring style, which helped Thomas clearly comprehend and immediately implement the basic principles of Mental Management. We have learned that Mental Management benefits go beyond the golf course. Our family learned valuable life skills and more effective communication with our student athlete. Thank you Troy for the outstanding job helping Thomas reach his potential." Don & Cindy Birdsey

To learn more about Troy Bassham and Mental Management please call 972-899-9640 or visit our website

Monday, April 12, 2010

Brady Ellison Shoots for a CURE to Breast Cancer

We received this email today about client Brady Ellison. Brady is helping raise money to help fight breast cancer through Shoot for a Cure!

"This past weekend was the Arizona Cup. It was a World racking event with 13 countries represented. Brady won the qualification round and tied the US National record. He carried the momentum right into the OR rounds, winning all his matches. It was a great start to the outdoor season. Brady also kicked off his shoot for the cure campaign with his new pink Hoyt Bow. Brady raised over $3300.00 at this shoot. Brady's mental game is great and it keeps getting better with each day. If you have not been to Brady's Breast Cancer web site here is the link"

Take Care,

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Lanny Bassham Update - The Masters, Saturday

Masters Saturday

It is day three of the Masters and in the golf world this is the day for players to move up if they are going to have a chance at wearing the green jacket. There are over 40,000 people within the gates of Augusta National with millions all over the world watching every shot. Today one of our clients Jerry Kelly tied Phil Mickelson for the best round of the day at 5 under par. We were unable to visit directly with Jerry but we had a chance to talk to his caddie Eric Meller about the round. Eric told us that Jerry was just having fun out there. He said “Jerry loves the Masters because it is the only major where you can really have fun. The crowds are super responsive to a great shot and the course is demanding enough that if you are not at the top of your game it hammers you.” Today Jerry was focused on process and his score showed it.

We teach that to improve your chances of doing well in competition you should focus on the process of execution and not on outcome or your environment. You cannot think about process and outcome at the same time. If you are thinking about results your process may suffer. But if your total focus is on process outcome is enhanced.

We have been following Jerry and Ben Crane. This is Ben’s third Masters and the first time he has survived the cut. He is not at the top of the leader board but his discipline to run our system seems to really be paying off according to his caddie Joel Stock. See a pattern here? The caddies are easier to talk to than the players at the Masters. Players are hard to get close to even for the trainers. In PGA events we can have direct access to the player on the driving range, on the putting and chipping areas and even in the locker room if accompanied by the player. Not so at the Masters. Combine that with no cell phones allowed on the property and you can see how difficult it is to communicate directly with the players you are trying to help. The good news is these two are doing really well because they are well along in using our program. We began working with Jerry and Ben in 2007. Both have won on the PGA tour since beginning our program. We wish them God Speed tomorrow.

For more information on Mental Management for Golf - go to our website

Lanny's Update from The Masters - Friday

Masters Friday

Pressure is on at the Masters. You can feel it in the air. The anticipation of crowning a new Masters Champion is here and on day two the players responded as you might expect to the pressure of golf’s biggest prize. Some seemed to handle it better than others. The leaders changed on the board. Some of those that had trouble on Thursday posted improved scores while some of the Thursday’s leaders faltered. Golf has a habit of doing that to you. Consistency is hard to count on at the Masters.

I suspect that most of the inconsistency comes from over-trying. This event is the biggest of the year and comes first among the majors in the calendar. Players feel the need to give it their all and that is just too much effort to cause low scoring. The bigger the competition the greater the pull to over-try so as this is golf’s biggest event the negative impact is huge at the Masters.

News from the Masters Thursday

Lanny's update from The Masters:

Today I watched as two veteran legends of golf Fred Couples (50) and Tom Watson (60) showed the young bucks how it was done. Watson’s 67, 5-under performance tied this former Masters Champion’s best ever at Augusta. Fred Couples 66 led the field at the end of the day. Whether these giants can sustain the course and win the 2010 Masters is not the point. Here is the point. This sport has longevity that few sports can match. Imagine a sport where players like Byeong-Hun An at 17, the youngest player in the Masters is competing with Watson and Couples for golf’s greatest title. By the way both of An’s parents won medals in table tennis in the 1988 Olympics in Seoul. I was there as a coach.

Granted both Watson and Couples have the Champions Tour and An is still a junior and an amateur but the fact that these categories designed to separate players by age and status do not count in this event is unique in sport. The Masters is looking for the best male player no matter the age. I think that is one reason fans are so loyal to this championship.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Masters - There's nothing else like it in sport.

Lanny Bassham is at The Master's this week and sending over updates each day. Here is the first one.

The Masters - There's nothing else like it in sport.

The Olympic is incredible, the Super Bowl and the World Series are tops but they change venues almost every year, but not the Masters. The reason this event is special is it's location. Augusta National is like no other location in sport to spawn history and a reverence for tradition.

Of the 111 players in this year's Masters, 6 are amateurs and for 13 pros this will be their first time at Augusta National. It is also my first time here and I can tell you this is no ordinary PGA Tour event. Tickets for the Masters are bought up decades in advance. Trainers like Troy and I cannot get in with PGA credentials like other events. Players get two tickets only and unless you want to pay a fortune to someone willing to give up a ticket you are watching this one on TV. The Augusta National is a shrine to pro golf and the fans treat coming to the Masters like a pilgrimage. This event is not only golf's highest honor to win, it is the best event to attend. Why? Because Augusta National does it right. First, the players are the best golf has to offer and they are treated like it here. They do not have to worry about autographs. It is not allowed. Press is limited to only 300 and they are the elite. Security is everywhere and you cannot sneak in a phone or even an Ipod. I went through two scanners and a pat down to get in the gate. Secondly, the fans are the best. It still seems crowded to me compared to the other events I've attended but the fans I talked to that are veterans of the Masters love the way they are treated here. Parking is handled professionally and although security is tight they have plenty of people to handle the crowd. One thing golf does better than any other sport in my opinion is to honor their past champions and at the Masters this is multiplied ten-fold. There is so much history here and Palmer, Nicklaus and Player to boot.

One big problem at most tour events is what's for lunch. Normally it is a $4 coke and a $8 cold hot dog. Not at this place. I had lunch today for three bucks. Sandwiches here range from $1.50 to $2.50 with big sodas at $1.50 and 16oz beer at $2.75. They can feed them faster here too, plenty of food lines and nice friendly people checking you out.

Today was just light practice for the players but tomorrow the battle starts for real. We have 5 clients here so I will be rooting for them. Keep your fingers crossed for Ben Crane, Jerry Kelly, Rory Sabbatini, Brian Gay and Justin Leonard.

Troy Bassham on the Interview by Channel 33

See the interview with Troy Bassham on Channel 33 from Monday April 5: Click Here

This interview is about the mental game and golf specifically about Tiger Woods being mentally prepared for The Masters.

Troy and Lanny will at the The Masters this week!

for more information on Mental Management please check out our website

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Others Have Endured More and Complained Less

The article below was posted in our April newsletter from 2005. We did a short series on some of the "Lessons of the Box" from Lanny's Book "Freedom Flight - The Origins of Mental Power" for a few months and this is one of those articles.

"No matter how bad your environment is others have endured more and complained less"

For me (Lanny's daughter, Heather) this principle hit me the hardest. In today's negatively charged society it is easy and acceptable to complain. We complain about work, our spouses, friends, our commute, in-laws, kids, finances and almost everything else. It is easy to be unhappy with our surroundings and to tell everyone else all about it.

No matter how bad your situation is, there is someone out there who has it much worse off than you do. Someone out there is fighting to stay alive and has no reason to believe they will live. Someone else is living with no home and no hope of finding shelter or food for her child tonight. Still another has lost their wife and kids and is very much alone. Imagine for a moment that these people are not angry or bitter or negative even though they have every right to be. Imagine that they are thankful to live another day and have a positive outlook on life despite their misfortune.

I don't think life is easy for anyone. We all have our unique challenges and complicated realities. However, we must take the time to treasure what we do have and control the negative self-talk no matter our situation.

In competition, one of our biggest challenges is to control what we say to ourselves and to others. Most of the negative self-talk is driven by our environment. You get lost heading to your match, trial or tournament. Your spouse or significant other picks 15 minutes before your event begins to remind you of all the ways you have failed in your relationship or marriage. You know you have a difficult time competing when the weather is bad and today it is pouring out but your event is not cancelled. You start the competition and you are not performing at your potential. Your mind is racing and it is because of your environment. You have to be able to turn off the voices in your head that are yelling back at your spouse, still angered by getting lost, thinking you can't possibly win and mad at God for making it rain.

If we complain less (internally or verbally) we will be a much more pleasant person to have around and succeed more often. Stop thinking so much about what is going on around you and have a good time for that one moment. Have fun anyway - despite your surroundings. It's raining? So what - think to yourself "I'm even better at my sport in the rain". Your spouse is upset at you and/or making you feel guilty? Do your best to put it out of your mind at least until the competition is over - think of the things you love about what is going on around you. Get away from the situation and play the best game of your life anyway. Never let your environment dictate what your mood is for the day - or your level of play for that matter. Who is in control of you? YOU ARE!

In "Freedom Flight", you learn how the character Jack Sands is able to take a situation that seems hopeless and endures it, learns from it and becomes a better person for it. We all can learn a little something from a man like this one.

By: Heather Sumlin (

Learn more about Mental Management and Freedom Flight by calling 972-899-9640 or checking out our website at

Thursday, March 25, 2010

PGA Tour Players Comment on Mental Management

Here are some testimonials from some of our recent PGA Tour clients:

"Mental Management has been a driving force behind improving my speed of play. They have helped me develop a consistent mental program that is helping me reach my potential as a player. This isn't sports psychology. This is achieving mental consistency in an inconsistent sport." Ben Crane, PGA Tour Player

"Lanny gave me an insight and understanding of the mental approach necessary to take my life and golf game to the next level." Matt Jones, PGA Tour Player

"I believe that Mental Management Systems goes where others fall short. It gives you a framework to enhance not only your chosen profession but also your quality of life. If you follow the system, success will be yours." Joe Durant, PGA Tour Player

For more information on how Mental Management can help you reach your goals call 972-899-9640 or check out our website:
Be sure to sign up for our free email newsletter MENTALCOACH

Monday, March 22, 2010

Email from a Happy Customer!

The exciting part about working at Mental Management Systems are the emails we receive like the one below from a golfer who is using "With Winning in Mind" to reach his potential!

Hi Lanny:

Thank you for writing With Winning in Mind. I firmly believe golf (and life)
is a game played mostly between the ears. After reading your book, and
adopting your strategies for changing my self-image as a golfer, I have
taken my game to another level almost overnight.

I am an accomplished player (4 handicap) who has long struggled with how to
shave those last few strokes from my game. I knew I had the physical skills
to shoot par, and finally admitted to myself that my fear and anxiety were
holding me back.

My search for answers led me to With Winning in Mind. Your book helped me to see that I was suffering under a destructive misconception. Because I had not been playing golf for very long, I (wrongly) believed I hadn't "earned the right" to be a par shooter. I knew I had to replace that image with a better one, if I was going to reach my goals in golf. Your solution is deceptively simple, yet powerful: Become the golfer you want to be by
believing you are that golfer now, not in the future. Inhabit that reality,
make it a part of who you are, so no matter what happens during a round of
golf, you can count on yourself to perform at least to that level. I knew
intuitively that you had given me the key to unlocking my potential, and I
couldn't wait to put it to the test.

The very next day, I shot even par. And just yesterday, I shot one-under,
beating par over 18 holes for the first time. These were not perfect rounds
of golf, by any means. I made some bad swings, and got into some tough
spots. But I was unflappable, and that made all the difference.

Needless to say, I am recommending your book to everyone who will listen.
Thank you again.

Greg Newman

Thursday, March 4, 2010

USA Archery and Mental Management!

We are proud to announce that Mental Management has begun working with USA Archery and are pleased to know that the shooters are reaching their goals - achieving personal best scores in major competitions!

"After working with Lanny and Troy Bassham, I can see a more consistent mental performance from our athletes in competition. Now they display a more mature and responsible mental attitude." National Head Coach, Coach Kisik Lee

Below we have listed some success the archery team has had recently:

Jake Kaminski - won the World Archery Festival in Las Vegas and shot 298 (Personal Best) out of 300. At Indoor Nationals, shot another 298 and 593 (Personal Best) and double Indoor of 1181 which is also a Personal Best. Currently ranked #1 at Indoor Nationals(final accumulations will be done in 2 weeks).

Brady Ellison - won his first senior international event - World Archery Challenge and defeated former World Indoor and Outdoor Champion Michele Frangili of Italy.

Tyler Schardt - set 3 new personal best at Indoor nationals of 295, 583 and 1158.

Joe Fanchin - set 1 new personal best at indoor nationals of 292.

Megan Carter - set 1 new personal best at indoor nationals of 287.

Nick Kale - set 1 new personal best at the World Archery Festival in Las Vegas.

Heather Koehl was second at the World Archery Festival in Las Vegas.

Kristin Braun was third at the World Archery Festival in Las Vegas.

Congratulations to these shooters!

"Our athletes' quality of training has improved drastically. Before they seemed unfocused and had to work so hard in competition. Now they can train hard and enjoy competing. This can only be attributed to running a consistent mental program." Guy Krueger, Assistant Coach/USA Archery

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Monday, February 1, 2010

4 Different Small Group Seminars in March & June

More information about these Small Group Sessions and Classes call 972-899-9640 or 800-879-5079 or send an email to - you can also find information on our website -

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Performance Under Pressure - March 19, 2010 9am-noon

Training to Win - March 19, 2010 1:30pm - 4:30pm

Goal Getting - March 20, 2010 9am-noon

Self Image Change - March 20, 2010 1:30pm - 4:30pm

Performance Under Pressure - June 22, 2010 9 - noon

Training to Win - June 22, 2010 1:30pm - 4:30pm

Goal Getting - June 23, 2010 9am - noon

Self Image Change - June 23, 2010 1:30pm - 4:30pm

Perform Under Pressure -

If stress or pressure are a part of your business, sport, performance or daily life and you want to learn how you can use it to your advantage this is a great seminar for YOU!


Why Our Beliefs about Pressure are Myths
Why Giving it 110% Doesn't Work
6 Principles of Mental Management
12 Strategies to Control Pressure
3 Mental Processes that Control Performance
# 1 Reason Why Skilled Performers Fail in Competition

Training to Win:

Training to Win focuses on building subconscious skills and maximizing your preparation for competition.


The Mastery Curve
Principles of Skill Acquisition,
Training Principles
Four Phases of the Year
How to Train the Mind at the Same Time You Train the Body
Self-Image Change - Mental Management Seminar by Lanny Bassham

Mastering Self-Image Change:

Learn how to obtain the Self-Image of a Champion. If YOU are holding yourself back from achieving your goals and realizing your dreams this seminar is for YOU!


Why 95% of Winning is Accomplished by only 5% of the Participants
3 Attitudes the Top 5% Possess that Keep Them on Top
5 Principles of Mental Management
How the Reinforcement Phase Affects the Self-Image
How Self-Image Changes
How to Eliminate a Habit or Attitude Keeping You from Reaching your Goals
How to Use the Most Powerful Tool for Changing Self-Image


Goal-Getting introduces the Mental Management Goal Setting System and the focus is on how to get goals after they are properly set.


A system to make certain you are setting the correct goal for you at this time.
How to properly plan your training.
The difference between Life Purpose and Life Goals.
How to properly evaluate your plan.
Coaches Training

Each of these 3 hour training classes are only $149 per person! Register NOW to save your spot - class size is limited. Call 972-899-9640 or register online here: More information about these Small Group Sessions and Classes call 972-899-9640 or 800-879-5079 or send an email to

Our offices are located at 700 Parker Square, Ste 140 in Flower Mound, Texas.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ben Crane Wins on Tour!

Ben Crane just won the Farmers Insurance Open on the PGA Tour!

Congratulations to Ben!

Here is a video on Golf Channel about his win.

Here is an interview with Ben Crane after his win.

(Ben Crane is a Limited Elite student with Mental Management Systems)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

How Can I Keep Positive and Realistic? by Lanny Bassham

This is a question from a pistol forum back in 2007 - Lanny answered this question and we received lots of positive feedback so we wanted to share this information with you this month. The question is from a pistol shooter but the information is applicable to anyone.

How can I keep positive and realistic? I don't mean being able to walk away from that stage without being devastated... I can do that. I mean by ignoring the mistakes and only looking at the positive (which is what I understood from your book/tapes). I just think I'm lying to myself if I do that.

I feel like I'm either really missing your point, or I'm not understanding it completely... or I just don't get it altogether therefore I'm simply not Champion material. I've always been successful in my life endeavors, so I refuse to accept the last part of that statement.

Lanny's Answer:
Great question. OK, let's see if I can clear up a few things for you all. I certainly do not want you to be confused by any concepts in my book.

First, nowhere in my work do I suggest that you should ever lie to yourself. All reinforcement is imprinting and the self-image grows or shrinks by this process. If you have a bad performance it is indelibly imprinted on your self-image. This is called an environmental imprint. Now, you can create another imprint by thinking about or talking about the bad performance again and this causes your self-image to shrink. This is called beating yourself up and is a good way to retard your growth toward winning. The top 5% just do not do this. If they make a mistake they think about the solutions to correcting the error and imprint that they are able to do that. They think a lot about the good performances though. This causes the self-image to grow. Good thing, huh?

Next, who said that the only way to win is to be the top name on the leader board? Everyone seems to be overly concerned with accomplishment. Accomplishment is easy to measure. It is first, second and third, gold silver and bronze, the grades of A, B, C, or F. But winning, by my way of thinking is much more than that. It is Attainment. Attainment = Becoming + Accomplishment. Accomplishment is how you measure the external and becoming is how you measure the internal. Have you ever won a class only to find that you did not learn much that day? Then you go to a competition and do poorly but grow a great deal in understanding. That's becoming and it is very difficult to measure. A winner is someone who is just as concerned about who they become as to what they accomplish. You should goal set to become something worthwhile when you accomplish any step in your goal. Now that's Attainment.

I suggest that if you are more concerned about how well you execute your mental and technical systems than your place in the competition that you will virtually eliminate the concerns you are having about self-judgment. Someone once said that winning is the progressive realization of a worthwhile goal. You may be a long way from reaching that goal at present. It is not lying to imprint that you someday will reach it. If you say "I am national champion" and you are, in reality, a long way from that and that bothers you then try this. Transport yourself mentally to some day in the future when you are, in reality, the national champion and say, "I am the national champion". The imprint will work just the same. It will be just as powerful. The self-image cannot tell the difference between past, present and future events. It thinks that every imprint is happening in the present and it becomes like you to do it. I won the Olympics thousands of times before they hung the real medal on me. It caused my self-image to accept that it was like me to be the champion. That's not reality but this is not a reality show like TV. This is mental imprinting and it works.

Finally, I have a word about shooting diaries. Don't keep one. Keep a performance journal instead. A diary contains a record of everything you did, good and bad. That's a lot of negative imprinting and your scores will be harmed more than keeping one helps them. But, if you keep a performance journal like the Performance Analysis Journal that we have on our web site you will only record what you did well, the solutions that you found and goals statements to help you positively move forward to your goals. It is a Performance Journal not a Lack of Performance Journal.

I hope I haven't missed your point and that this helps you. You are champion material until you start thinking you are not.

With Winning in Mind,

Lanny Bassham

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