Saturday, April 10, 2010

News from the Masters Thursday

Lanny's update from The Masters:

Today I watched as two veteran legends of golf Fred Couples (50) and Tom Watson (60) showed the young bucks how it was done. Watson’s 67, 5-under performance tied this former Masters Champion’s best ever at Augusta. Fred Couples 66 led the field at the end of the day. Whether these giants can sustain the course and win the 2010 Masters is not the point. Here is the point. This sport has longevity that few sports can match. Imagine a sport where players like Byeong-Hun An at 17, the youngest player in the Masters is competing with Watson and Couples for golf’s greatest title. By the way both of An’s parents won medals in table tennis in the 1988 Olympics in Seoul. I was there as a coach.

Granted both Watson and Couples have the Champions Tour and An is still a junior and an amateur but the fact that these categories designed to separate players by age and status do not count in this event is unique in sport. The Masters is looking for the best male player no matter the age. I think that is one reason fans are so loyal to this championship.

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