Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Kenda Lenseigne flys past the competitions and takes the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP title away from the men!

We received this email recently from a customer and wanted to share it!

Hi Heather,

I was given your contact information from a friend who recently purchased With Winning in Mind on CD. I cannot stress how much this book has helped me achieve all of my goals in the sport of Cowboy Mounted Shooting – and most recently at the World Championship.

I teach riding/shooting clinics all over the US and recommend this book to all of my clients and students to help them rethink their approach to our sport. I tell them it is a must have and always say that the book pertains so perfectly to mounted shooting because it was written by a shooter, so the perspective is right on and easy to understand.

I would love to thank Mr. Bassham for this great system and for his insight, I know I have an edge in competition now because I am more focused, less worried and confident even when the pressure is high and the adrenaline starts to take over. I have been a mounted shooting competitor for almost 12 years now and felt that I plateaued until about 2 years ago when I bought the book. Since then, my horse and I have captured 6 world records and I became the first and only woman to win the overall at the world championship, beating all of the boys to claim this title!

Kenda Lenseigne

Mental Management is being used by competitors in a variety of sports. We enjoy receiving emails and photos from our customers who have used our system to achieve their dreams. Congrats to Kenda from the entire Mental Management Team!

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