Friday, June 27, 2008

Olympic Champion, John Naber comments on Lanny's new book "Freedom Flight"

“Lanny Bassham knows first-hand what it takes to be the best in the world at something. “Freedom Flight” proves that he knows how to teach these secrets as well. Lanny’s interesting and insightful fable is filled with useful strategies to help anyone have a better outlook on life, correctly react to adversity, liberate their thinking and find their God-given calling. Buy, read and share this remarkable book.”

John Naber, Olympic champion, sports broadcaster, lecturer and author (“Awaken the Olympian Within”)

Allen "Butch" Chubb wins GOLD!


I just returned to the US from a trip to Europe and I wanted to share some information with you. I recently won the individual Gold Medal at the 2008 "Silberne Patrone" German Grand Prix in Olympic Trapshooting at Thannhausen, Germany. I started using your system early last year and since then I've won two Grand Prix Gold Medals. I can't speak highly enough about the quality of your product and the methods in which you instruct your pupils. I've been instilled with a new level of confidence that was sporadic in my earlier career, but it's now constant and sustaining. I want to once again thank you for your fine array of products and wish you continued success in all of your efforts to make "Champions". Attached is a photo of the podium presentations for your enjoyment.

Best Regards,

Allen "Butch" Chubb

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Another Testimonial from a PGA Golf Instructor on Mental Management

I've research the mental side of golf since the early 1992. Read books, listened to CD's, and many seminars to find out what are the keys to success in this area. Lanny's insight cuts to the chase and combines all the important keys. The Mental Management process is not only very effective but simple to understand. Thank you for sharing your knowledge as a competitor and helping others reach higher levels in all areas of their lives.

Todd Kersting, Golf Digest Top Teacher in New Mexico, Golf Magazine's Top Teachers in Region, PGA Certified Instructor

Todd has been a customer of Mental Management for the last two years - he owns almost every product we carry applicable to golf - including "With Winning in Mind", Freedom Flight, Performance Analysis and many more...

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Good Luck to Sarah Boehner as she competes for Miss Texas USA June 29th!

Sarah Boehner - Miss Lake Whitney our Mental Management intern is competing for the title of Miss Texas USA June 29th.

Sarah has been a blessing and an honor to have in the office for the past several weeks. She has been motivated and determined to help us organize the office, come up with new ideas for marketing and assist with customer service and product duplication. She has a focus and drive to succeed at Miss Texas USA and we wish her the very best of luck! Sad to see her leave the office but we know she will certainly turn some heads at Miss Texas USA next weekend!!

To watch Sarah during the finals competition on TV click here for details.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Focus on Solutions, Not Problems - article by Heather Sumlin

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Focus on Solutions, Not Problems

It is common for people to think about problems and quite tempting to dwell on them, discuss them with your spouse, share them with friends, etc. Many of us spend a lot of time thinking "poor me" or "why me". The question is - does this way of thinking prove to be productive and beneficial or does it prolong the problem's existence?

When I grew up my parents were ultra positive almost to the point of complete annoyance to me as a teenager. My parents ran 4 businesses at one time when I was young which makes me realize I must not be near as productive as an adult as they were. They owned a horse ranch, an International Shooting School, Mental Management Systems and a large networking business. There was no challenge too small for my folks and despite obvious challenges and hurdles they faced, they never gave me an impression that there was stress or worry in the home. They never talked about problems that I remember and I never felt like anything in life was impossible or unreachable because of it.

Another benefit to growing up in the home I did is I met some of the most amazing and successful people when I was young and their influence has helped me greatly. What I noticed the most from my childhood as well as from current teachings around the office is that problems are not the issue, focusing on problems is the issue. When we stop for a moment to think about how we can move the boulders in our path, solutions present themselves. If we dwell on the problem the boulder remains. Focusing on solutions creates a vision of hope and motivation to find an answer. Instead of stating "I can't do this" start asking yourself "How can I make this happen" and allow yourself to believe you will find the open window.

So the challenge this month is to focus on solutions and try your best to not dwell on problems but seek for answers to solving them.

- by Heather Sumlin, Director of Customer Relations & Mental Management Instructor for Pageant and Stage Performers for more information on mental training for sport & performance

Another WIN for Mark Walker!


This is Mark's 4th win this year. 3 Wins on the Adams Tour and now a win on the Gateway Tour!

Congratulations Mark - way to go!

Mark is a member of our Limited Elite. He has been a blessing to work with and an all around great competitor.

Mackenzie Boydston WINS at the Starburst Junior Golf Classic

Mackenzie Boydston won the Starburst Junior Golf Classic, one of the largest junior golf tournaments in the World. Over 1,000 juniors compete in this tournament and Mackenzie won the Girls 13 year old division.

Two of our clients also had top five finishes in the Girls Championship division, Rachel Mulkey and Melanie White.

Congrats to these ladies for their accomplishments!

Mackenzie, Rachel & Melanie are all students of Troy Bassham. Troy is our Director of Junior Development focusing on helping junior athletes apply Mental Management to help them reach their potential in their sport. He has students in many different sports but most of his current clients are high school & college golfers. To learn more about programs for Juniors please call our office at 800-879-5079 or 972-899-9640.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Mental Management Students place on the PGA Tour

Congratulations to Justin Leonard for his win at the Stanford St. Jude Championship today! Justin has played well this year placing 2nd at the Bob Hope Chysler Classic, 5th at the Buick Invitational & 4th at the World Golf Championships earlier this year

Also congratulations to Jerry Kelly for his 2nd place finish last weekend at the Memorial Tournament! Jerry also placed 3rd at the Sony Open & 2nd at the Puerto Rico Open earlier this year.

Other Mental Management students who have achieved top 10 or better results on tour this year are:

Fred Funk who placed 10th at the Sony Open. He also WON the Mastercard Championships and placed 4th at the Ginn Championships on the Champion's Tour.

Brian Gay WON at Mayaokoba Golf Classic, placed 7th at the Byron Nelson and 10th at the Crowne Plaza Invitational.

Ben Crane was 4th at the FBR Open, 6th at The Players Championships and 5th at the Crowne Plaza Invitational.

Brett Quigley was 6th at the Players Championships and 10th at the Memorial Tournament.

Doug LaBelle placed 10th at the Sony Open.

These PGA Tour Players all attended Mental Management training last year and are members of the Limited Elite.

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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Jim McLean Golf Center recognized Mental Management for excellent service!

(pictured is Lanny Bassham, Jim McLean and Troy Bassham)

Lanny and Troy attended the first Client Appreciation Night held at the new Jim McLean Golf Center in Ft. Worth, TX.

Mental Management Systems was recognized at this event for providing excellent service on the mental game for their clients. This event came after working with Jim McLean Golf Center over the past year. The golf center is growing rapidly and we have the privilege of being their main source for help with the mental game in golf.

For more information about Jim McLean Golf Center please click here.

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