Thursday, August 12, 2010

Blast from the Past - David Kimes

This is a blast from the past. A testimonial from one of Lanny's first Mental Management clients ever! David Kimes sent us this testimonial several years ago and it was posted in our September 2003 issue of MENTALCOACH email newsletter!

I was World Champion and world record holder in the 300 meter standard rifle event (1974) when I first heard about Lanny Bassham's Mental Management course. I was anxious to repeat my win and increase my world record at the next World Shooting Championships to be held in Seoul, Korea in 1978. I was putting it all on the line. I had quit my job in aerospace to practice full-time and prepare for that event and then planned to stick it out for the 1980 Olympic Team tryouts. I was getting help from the Army Reserve International Team, but I needed insurance. That insurance (besides a fine backup rifle): the mental edge that would let my improving practice scores translate to a winning Championship score. Those principles of Mental Management, positive reinforcement, mental rehearsal, the mental program, visualization, positive expectations, these and other mental skills passed on to me by Lanny in 1977 ... all gave me that strong "mental tool box", empowering me to walk around all the other competitors in my event. That was in addition to improving my scores! The feeling of successfully defending my World Championship and increasing my world record that day in October of 1978 is hard to describe.

Lanny, I cannot thank you enough!

David Kimes, World Champion + World Record - 1974, 1978 Olympic Team, 1980.

It's exciting to know Mental Management has been helping competitors reach their goals for over 33 years! David Kimes was one of Lanny Bassham's very first students.