Sunday, September 14, 2008

Mental Toughness for Pageantry - 5 day workshop

Mental Management Systems® is partnering with Eagle U to bring you an awesome Mental Toughness for Pageant Performance Seminar!

December 27-31, 2008 ~ Dallas, Texas

Learn the mental training system developed by Olympic Champion Lanny Bassham from Lanny himself!!

Blast your competition with unparalleled self-confidence and stage performance

Unlock your potential for peak performance under pressure

Analyze your performance and have a system for improvement

Maximize your ability to maintain a positive self-image throughout competition

Practice and apply the Mental Management System in a mock pageant setting

Turn negative self-talk into positive energy

And much, much more!

Course include 5 days of in-depth Mental Management training and the following products:

"With Winning in Mind"
Freedom Flight - The Origins of Mental Power - Book
"What Every Pageant Contestant Should Know First About the Mental Game" - Audio CD
Performance Analysis Journal
Crown Consulting Workbook

For more information, call 1-888-7-EAGLE-U (732-4538) or email

Registration is limited, so call today to reserve your seat!

We have been working with pageant contestants for the past several years in both the USA and America systems as well as others. Our goal with this seminar is to aid as many young women as we can who are preparing for local, state or national competitions. Call Eagle U for details.

What are other pageant contestants saying about the Mental Toughness Course we offered in July:

Ashleigh, Rockville, MD

"Mental Toughness has changed my life. I did not expect to walk away with this much useful information that I will incorporate into my life. Lanny Bassham is an inspiration to anyone competing. He truly cares about helping young individuals achieve their goals no matter what the sport is. Thank you very much for this eye opening experience."

Bailey, Norman, OK

"It was amazing and it completely changed the way I mentally approach challenges."

Christina, Cransten, RI

"Mental Toughness is amazing! In a few days I got the opportunity to be in the presence of Lanny and learn his approach on mentally preparing yourself for anything in life. I learned so much more in that short amount of time than in the 3 years I went to college. If you have not been to Mental Toughness, I highly recommend you go. It will help you and it give you an edge over everyone else. I loved it!!"

Faran, Oak Brook, IL

"I never thought there was a way to control your performance, practice and mind mentally. After the Mental Management program I now know what it takes to be a successful positive and tenacious performer and competitor. Not only can Mental Toughness (Management) be used in competitions but also in everyday life to make you the best person you can possibly be." Thank You

Sydney, Middlesex, VT

"Mental Toughness has prepared me for my competition and every aspect of my life. These tools will stick with me throughout the rest of my life and I know whatever I am competing in, I will perform like a winner."