Thursday, August 23, 2007

Journey of a Dream

Recently when reviewing the Audio version of "With Winning in Mind" we noticed that the poem "Journey of a Dream" was not included on the CD. Journey of a Dream is a poem written by Lanny Bassham and included on the 2nd edition printing of the book "With Winning in Mind". Many people pass by it as it is before the table of contents. So just in case you missed it, here it is! Hope you like it!

Journey Of A Dream

A dream is born in the mind,
A picture of what might be
A vision of a new and better life.
But if it stays in the mind,
It becomes another wish unfulfilled.

It must move on

The dream moves to the heart,
Feelings surround it, giving it life.
But if it stays in the heart,
It becomes a “could have been,”
Dying in the fire of emotion.

It must move on.

The dream moves to the hands,
There to be put into action
Having been given life in the heart,
It comes to fruition through work.
But if the dream stays in your hands,
It becomes self-serving.

It must move on.

So place your hand in the hand of another,
And the dream moves on…forever.

-Lanny Bassham

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Lanny & Heather in Sequim WA

Lanny and I just got back from Sequim, WA yesterday. We did a 2 day seminar for dog agility competitors! What a blast!! We had 12 people in the session who all compete with their dogs in agility on different levels. Some are fairly new to the sport and others are veterans. We had a chance to watch a few of them train their dogs on Karla Kimmey’s outside ring. That sure looks like a lot of fun! My dogs recently passed away so the time spent with the dogs was fun and emotional for me. I even learned a little bit and got to assist in helping one Aussie over a jump and through the weave poles. Very cool – I can see how that sport can be addicting.

This seminar was the last dog agility class we have on the calendar but I sure hope it’s not our last session. It was wonderful and everyone there was amazing to meet and learn from as well. The class was comfortable, casual and Lanny was hilarious – he had the group in stitches a few times. I wondered for a moment if he was auditioning for Last Comic Standing. At one point Karla even said – “Hey, Lanny I’d love to be your Stand Up manager”. Karla is always a wonderful host and the fact that everyone was able to camp out on her property and run their dogs was an added plus.

Our seminars vary from group to group and session to session. The content is always similar of course – we use the same slides and have the same outline but the group really leads the discussion in many ways. This was my first travel seminar experience with agility. I loved it! I learned a lot and I’m thankful to have been able to go. Everyone was very open and fun. I talked to several of the attendees after the session and got a really strong feeling that they left with the knowledge they came for – that’s our goal!

Posted by: Heather Sumlin

Monday, August 20, 2007

The Elite

The Elite: Lanny Bassham

95% of all winning is accomplished by only 5% of the participants. We call this group the elite. Why and how are they able to win so often? Is it because they are just talented or in the right place at the right time? What about opportunity? What role does wealth play in winning?

I've interviewed hundreds of the elite and I do not find an abundance of either natural ability or wealth to be a common denominator. You would think that expensive sports like shotgun and 300m free rifle would have more rich-kids at the top of the ranks and that just doesn't seem to be true. Many of our champions were trained by the military which is open to all. To be certain we have some wealthy in our ranks but do not think that your pocketbook is always the limiting factor to success. I can name more elite shooters coming from modest incomes than from wealth ones. Talent is a short term advantage and is soon overcome by hard work.

Common traits of the elite are abundant desire, an expectation to win, discipline, willingness to work hard, a belief that they can and will attain elite status no matter the obstacles and an almost religious calling to the sport. We can debate whether these traits are ones we are born with or ones we acquire. I think it might be a little bit of both along with a dash of fate thrown in. Just as soon as you think that someone has no chance to win because of no natural ability or financial status they somehow seem to win anyway.

I am certain of one thing. Winning belongs to those who think about the process of winning, who just cannot stand not to be among the elite and are ready to take action today to make it happen. This year I hope you find yourself among those on the winner's road. It is surely a narrower way but worth the trip.

With Winning in Mind---Lanny Bassham

The Benefits of Mental Management by Eadoin Ni Challarain

The Benefits of Mental Management by Eadaoin Ni Challarain – Irish Olympic Canoe Competitor

I met Lanny Bassham two years after competing in my first Olympic Games (Sydney 2000) and, by then, I was desperately searching for real ways to train my mind for top level performance. I was familiar with many sports psychology techniques and had read avidly, any material I could find on the sporting mind. What I had not found was a good approach that focused solely on winning, until I discovered Mental Management. Now, I have an effective system to train my mind. Every session I do involves training my mind to allow my body to perform optimally, and it is working.

I race in Canoe-Slalom. My event is a sprint race, of up to 110 seconds, on a whitewater river. The aim of the game is to go fast from start to finish and to go clean through hanging poles called gates above the river, where a time penalty is incurred with a touch or miss. There are many variables to this sport. Races are held on different rivers that can vary hugely in character. The gates and path of the race go up the night before the event and so practice is all in the mind. We get two runs - no practice. This is a mind game above all else.

What I have learned, specific to my sport, but applicable to most, is that I can change my habits and attitudes, for example, I have changed a nervousness I previously had to upstream in the flow( a particular technique in canoe-slalom), to a confidence now, that this is a strength of mine and it has become an edge.
I work constructively now to reinforce the aspects of my training and life that build me as a winner. I have a clear vision of were I am going and how. I race with a clearer and more focused mind. My results are better. Mental Management has been, and continues to be a vital tool for me in my quest to winning in my sport. I just hope my competitors don't hear about it!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Miss Texas @ Mental Management Systems

Photo by Zac Grimaldo

Monday August 6th we had the pleasure of training the newly crowned Miss Texas, Molly Hazlett as she begins her preparation for Miss America. At only 20 years of age this was Molly’s 3rd attempt at capturing the Miss Texas crown. Although young, Molly is very driven and became a business owner at the age of 15 opening her own dance studio. We were extremely impressed with her maturity, humbleness and presence. She is an amazing young lady and we are excited to be working with her over the next few months to help her prepare mentally for the Miss America competition in January.

Miss Texas is a tough job. On top of the typical appearances of modeling, interviews with reporters and signing autographs, Molly will speak to over 100,000 school age children on her platform of Drug and Alcohol Awareness as well as promoting Texas Cares for Children and the Miss Texas Organization. She will make over 350 appearances this year leaving her few days off to train for Miss America so she will have to prepare on the road. More than just a crown comes with the title of Miss Texas. Molly won a car to use for her year of service, a furnished apartment to live in rent free, over $11,000 in scholarships for school and many other incredible prizes. The photo included in this post was taken by the Official Photographer for Miss Texas, Zac Grimaldo. Training for Miss America is provided from various sponsors including Mental Management. Molly attended an 8 hour class on Monday and will receive a year’s consultation with Heather Sumlin as she prepares for Miss America.

Mental Management sponsors the Miss Texas Organization and the Miss Plano/Frisco Organization each year. The reason we sponsor in pageantry (may seem odd to some) is because Helen Bassham (Lanny’s wife) and Heather Sumlin (Lanny’s daughter) have been involved with pageants since Heather was 13 and have a special interest in the Miss America System. Today they both serve on the board of the Miss Plano Frisco Scholarship Organization which is a local preliminary to Miss Texas. These organizations are non-profit and use the money raised to give scholarships to the women who compete.

Most competitors we train in other sports could have many chances at a National title. With the pageants you only get one shot. Molly won’t be able to come back next year and compete again. Miss America in January is her first and only shot at the title! Because of that intensity and pressure we feel our Mental Management System can help give contestants an edge.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Elder Wins Preferred Health Systems Wichita Open!

Wow! Congratulations to Mental Management Systems client Brad Elder for winning the Preferred Health Systems Wichita Open by FOUR STROKES!

Adding to his top 10 finishes this year (Henrico County Open, Fort Smith Classic, and Livermore Valley Wine Country Championship), Elder is well on his way to the PGA TOUR with his first Nationwide win since 1999.

(He also won fans a cheeseburger for making birdie on the 17th hole in the 4th round!)


Friday, August 3, 2007

Are You Willing to Go the Extra Mile?

Every now and again we want to post past newsletter articles on this blog to
give you an idea of what kind of articles are in the newsletter and have
more content on the blog site for you. Below is an article that was posted
on our MENTALCOACH newsletter years ago. We have been sending out newsletters each month
since July of 2003 so as we post new material and testimonials on our blog
we will also feature a past article from time to time - come back often!

Are You Willing to Go the Extra Mile?

We have all heard this phrase. What is this extra mile they are talking about? I think it is when you are willing and able to do the things that the non-winners are not willing and able to do. Like doing the things that we know that work that are actually boring when we do them. For example; it’s fun to shoot a rifle for an hour or so. But if you do it 5 hours a day for 5 days a week it gets old. Have you ever heard of dry firing? That’s when you get into position with your rifle or pistol and aim at a black bulls-eye on the wall of a room and activate the trigger on an empty chamber. Wow! Do that for an hour or so and you learn a new definition of boring. So why do we do it? We do it because it gets us points and because most of our competition will not do it. That gives us an edge.

Another example is keeping a performance journal. Remembering to record your data in a positive way after every performance is not something most performers do. It takes discipline and effort. Most performers are just too lazy to do it. But, every time you are willing to write in your journal you are going the extra mile and you have an edge on your competition.

Also, I have noticed that your chances of winning improve in direct proportion with your tendency to avoid the habit of cutting corners on your sport. It is the opposite of going the extra mile. It becomes a test of your character. Is it like you to finish what you start? We live in a fast paced, "get it now" society where working for what you want is often replaced by expecting something for nothing. Winning isn’t quick and it isn’t easy. You don’t win by cutting your training short to go have fun with your friends. Most of the really worthwhile effort in preparing for competition is boring and raises a sweat so get used to it if you want to be at the top of your game.

Every sport has its boring but essential moments. It’s the extra mile you walk when no one is looking that really pays off in the competition.

I Am

The August issue of our MENTALCOACH newsletter includes information for parents on using Mental Management with kids - training options, etc.

Keeping with the theme of back to school and kids, I thought I would add this information on our blog: One thing I like to challenge people to do when I work with them is take the time to get to know yourself. I think we walk through life everyday and we meet people, we get to know others but how often do we actually take the time to sit alone and soul search? I know I spend much more time as a Mom focusing on the needs of others and not truly goal setting or soul searching for what I want for myself. This hit home for me 2 years ago when I read an assignment my son had done in school.

The teacher gave the first 2 words of several sentences and the kids filled in the sentence - the sentences began: I am, I wonder, I see, I hear. I learned so much about my son through that exercise and I pass it on to my students today. Below are his answers - (he was 9 when he wrote this and I haven't changed his words).

I Am by Austin Bassham/Sumlin

I am a very nice person who cares a lot about my parents.

I wonder why people have dreams about different things.

I hear people call for my help when they need me to zip their backpack or something like that.

I see people with no money, no homes, no anything on the news.

I want those people to earn a home and have happy lives.

I am a person who does not want anything bad to happen to anybody on earth.

I pretend I am not sad when I am.

I feel sorry about those people out there who have no homes at all.

I touch the keys on my piano and play what I can.

I worry that endangered species of animal such as the tiger will go extinct.

I cry when an eagle gets a broken wing and doesn't go to a vet.

I am a person who cares for every living thing in existence.

I understand that some people are mad at the world for something.

I say that someday I will become an inventor and invent something that will help those people.

I dream that weird things happen and I have to find out what is happening.

I try to remember to help those people.

I hope that in the future people will have better lives than before.

I am also a person who prays to God.

Post written by Heather Sumlin
Director of Customer Relations
Instructor for Pageant and Stage Performers

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Person In The Glass

When you get what you want in your struggle for self, And the world makes us
King for a day, Just go to the mirror and look at yourself, And see what
that person has to say.

For it isn't your father, mother, husband, or wife, Whose judgment upon you
must pass: The person whose verdict counts most in your life, Is the one
staring back from the glass.

He is the person to please, never mind the rest, For he is with you right up
to the end, And you've passed your most dangerous difficult test, If the
person in the glass is your friend.

You may fool the whole world down the pathway Of years and get pats on the
back as you pass, But your final reward will be heartaches and tears, If
you've cheated the person in the Glass.

Dale Wimbrow, 1895-1954

We all struggle from time to time with our self talk and our self image. No one who walks this earth has a more important opinion of you than you do!