Thursday, August 23, 2007

Journey of a Dream

Recently when reviewing the Audio version of "With Winning in Mind" we noticed that the poem "Journey of a Dream" was not included on the CD. Journey of a Dream is a poem written by Lanny Bassham and included on the 2nd edition printing of the book "With Winning in Mind". Many people pass by it as it is before the table of contents. So just in case you missed it, here it is! Hope you like it!

Journey Of A Dream

A dream is born in the mind,
A picture of what might be
A vision of a new and better life.
But if it stays in the mind,
It becomes another wish unfulfilled.

It must move on

The dream moves to the heart,
Feelings surround it, giving it life.
But if it stays in the heart,
It becomes a “could have been,”
Dying in the fire of emotion.

It must move on.

The dream moves to the hands,
There to be put into action
Having been given life in the heart,
It comes to fruition through work.
But if the dream stays in your hands,
It becomes self-serving.

It must move on.

So place your hand in the hand of another,
And the dream moves on…forever.

-Lanny Bassham

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