Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Amanda Miller Jumps Ahead of the Competition!

"On page 104 of the Lanny Bassham's book "With Winning In Mind" it states "Exchange your old self-image for the new desired one" This is exactly what brought me to Mental Management and its exactly what I did to create a positive change in my life and my performance.

My name is Amanda Miller and I am currently in my 3rd season of Equestrian at Baylor University in Waco, TX. I am a second year captain and a starter for the team. Coming into my junior year of competition I knew something had to change. My freshmen and sophomore years were weak and I wasn't progressing like I should be both performance wise and mentally. I had all the tools to be a top show jumping rider, yet something wasn't working. I would practice for hours and hours a day and achieve nothing.

That's when I stumbled across the Mental Management program and decided that I should give it a shot. I had always had a self-image problem, yet I was unaware of how much that impacted my riding and my success as an athlete. I started working with Mental Management this summer and in just 3 short months I have gone from sitting on the sidelines to starting, getting M.V.P out of 3 Universities during our first tournament and being apart of a Baylor team that received its first poll ranking this year as 2nd in the Nation! This success would not have been possible without the help of Mental Management.

I have grown as a person and as a rider through changing my self-image. I strive now to reach my desired self-image and not to focus on the negative. I use positive reinforcement throughout my entire day to build my self-esteem and rise to the top. I have only begun my journey for success in Equestrian show jumping and life. Mental Management gave me confidence and confidence gave me success." Amanda Miller, Baylor Equestrian Captain

Amanda attended an Individual Mental Management Training Course with instructor Heather Sumlin