Monday, February 25, 2008

Brian Gay takes his First Victory on the PGA Tour!

Congratulations to Brian Gay for his win yesterday in Mexico! Brian won the Mayakoba Golf Classic at Riviera Maya-Cancun. This is his first victory on tour!

We met Brian and his family last April when he came for his seminar with Lanny. What a great family!!

Brian is one of our Limited Elite members.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Freedom Flight Book Heading to the Printer

Freedom Flight the BOOK is at the printer and should be ready to ship by April 15th!

Click here to pre-order your copy We have a special pricing offer for those who order before April 15th - check out the above link for details.

Here are some comments from those who have read or listened to "Freedom Flight".

"Freedom Flight inspired me to make changes in my life that I had been postponing because they were outside of my comfort zone. This outstanding story made me realize that I do have the power to make important changes in my life and gave me the courage to take charge once again. I recommend this powerful product to anyone looking for some encouragement, whether it be to improve your professional or personal life."
Stashia Rivera, Director of Media Relations, Denver, CO

"Freedom Flight is incredible! I heard it for the first time from Lanny in his own words. This story will grab you within the first few minutes. Freedom Flight and its' lessons of mental power can't help but impact everyone who listens. Enjoy this incredible story and learn that the mind can overcome things you cannot even imagine until you read Freedom Flight." Fred Funk, PGA Tour Player

“Freedom Flight inspired me mentally and spiritually to go to the next level in my competition. It also moved me to be a better person. Life is not just about winning and losing, it’s about learning and growing and Lanny showed me that God has a plan for me.” Shilah Phillips, Miss Texas 2006, 1st Runner Up to Miss America

"Lanny Bassham has been an inspiration to me during my competitive years of golf. His book continues to inspire me in business as well. Freedom Flight has changed my perspective in business helping me to keep my focus on the important and letting the unimportant things go." Jun Lee, Entrepreneur – Owner and Founder of Styles by Jun

"Freedom Flight is one of those stories that touches your heart and soul. It touches you so significantly that you are moved, moved to action. Freedom Flight reminds us that heroes still exist and that potential hides within each of us . . . if we just give it a chance." Craig Braun, DMD

"This story is so extremely powerful! It really makes you think and be grateful for the good things in your life. Every time this story is told, it touches my heart and I know that Lanny Bassham shares it for a purpose – to touch the lives of everyone who hears it in a positive way. Thank you for the inspiration, Lanny!" Richelle Braun, President, Eagle Solutions Corporation

"Lanny Bassham's Freedom Flight is incredibly inspiring! In one's life there are pivotal moments that you can always look back to and reflect on a book you read, or something that someone said, that made a real impact on you and even affected your outlook on life. This is one of those things. This particular story and the Mental Management system as a whole has benefited our organization in a huge way. I recommend it to everyone I meet." Jan Mitchell, Executive Director, Miss Plano Frisco Organization

What Does it Mean to Win? By Heather Sumlin

This article was posted in a newsletter for pageant contestants several years ago for a local Miss America Preliminary pageant. We got some good feedback on the material and wanted to share it on our blog for those who might enjoy the message.

I know that you are probably working hard preparing for your up coming pageant. This may be your first pageant or your 30th but my message is the same no matter your level of experience. Winning is not always about who leaves with the crown at the end of the evening. Winning IS always about walking away feeling like a winner inside. In pageants we spend a lot of time telling girls about prize packages and what you "get" if you win a title. I want to spend a moment to tell you what you receive no matter where you place.

My Father, Lanny Bassham says "Everything we do in life is preparation for something greater". This pageant is preparation for something for you. For one girl it will mean you will win a title and train to compete for the next pageant. For everyone else it will be preparation for something else...another competition, your dream job, a future performance, you may meet someone who changes your life, you never know.

We learn more on our struggle up the mountain than we do standing on the summit. Those who walk away without the crown could gain more from the experience than those who win. We learn about determination, perseverance, taking on challenges and striving to be the best we can no matter the odds even if we don't win the title. When we step outside our comfort zone and challenge ourselves we live up to our expectation!

You do not win or lose in competition - you Win or Learn! There is no lose if you chose to take every experience as preparation for something greater. The reality is that most of the contestants will go home without a title because that is how competition works - not everyone takes home the prize. However, I learned so much through competing when I didn't win that I would never advise someone to wait and only compete if they knew they could win. I bet I competed in 40 pageants over 7 years and I only won 6 titles. Many times I left a competition without a crown but I never left without growing as a person. I never saw my experience in pageants as a loss. Every competition taught me something and I am who I am today based on those experiences. I didn't wait until I knew I could win before I started competing. My Father always says "Perfection is the Purest Form of Procrastination".

I'm so proud of you for stepping out of your comfort zone and taking a chance to go for your dreams realizing that to wait until you are perfect would be waiting a lifetime! Typical people have fear that holds them to a level less than their potential. Typical people do not compete in pageants - typical people do not demand more from themselves and put themselves in positions to potentially be disappointed. Typical people stunt their growth by only striving for what they are certain they can obtain. Thank you for stepping outside of what is typical and walking down the road to unique and extraordinary!

By Heather Sumlin

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Thursday, February 14, 2008

"With Winning in Mind" book review by Cameron Doan, PGA Teaching Pro

How many times have you heard: "Golf is 90% mental"? For years golfers have either heard this statement or uttered it themselves, and I doubt anyone has ever disagreed. But what do you do about it? How do you address the mental side of the game? If it's so important, why aren't there any teachers out there? Well, your search is over. With Winning in Mind, written by Lanny Bassham, can provide you with a roadmap to follow that will allow you to play up to your physical potential. Think about that. How many times have you said, "If I could just have some consistency" or "I played the best I've ever played on the front nine, then I just fell apart on the back". Lanny Bassham won an Olympic Gold Medal in rifle shooting using the Mental Management System that he created and that is talked about in this book. Hitting a golf ball and shooting a rifle are virtually identical mentally, they both require an "action", not a reaction. This allows the mind plenty of time to get involved in the process.

Mental Management is founded on several principles. I will touch on a few here, but you really need to read the book and tie them all together. One that really jumped out at me was this statement: "Self Image and competitive performance are always equal". As Lanny writes, your Self Image is what makes you act like you. Have you ever shot a career low on the front nine, only to follow with a terrible back nine? That little voice in the back of your head on the 10th tee was your Self Image, pulling you back to your "comfort zone" by saying "Hey, you're not this good". With Winning in Mind can help. Here's one example I have started to use in my teaching. Imagine that you are teaching your 3 year old son or daughter to tie their shoes. When they fail the first few times, as they inevitably do, how do you handle it? Do you berate them into submission and tell them how stupid they are? Or do you support them with encouragement, stressing the challenge of learning a new skill and that they will quickly improve? Obviously, you support them. Now, what happens when you hit a bad golf shot? Do you beat yourself up, saying "how can I be that bad, what was I thinking, I'm the worst player in history"? Or do you calmly reassure yourself that the next shot will be better, it's a tough game, let's be patient? Your Self Image listens very carefully to your "self talk" and responds accordingly. You cannot abuse yourself mentally for 17 holes and expect to step up on the 18th hole and play like a tour player, it will never happen.

A second principal that really fits in with golfers is the three phases of a shot: Anticipation, Action and Reinforcement. This principal helps design a simple routine that directs you to what to think before, during and after a shot. Have you ever attempted to have 3 swing thoughts, all at the same time, while you're trying to get it airborne off the first tee? You need a "mental program" to occupy your conscious mind. Lanny believes that the competitive mind has three parts: the Conscious mind, the Subconscious mind, and the Self Image. All three parts must be trained and working in harmony to play to your potential. Anticipation is the Conscious mind making decisions on distance, direction, lie conditions, and weather that lead into the shot and club selection. Action is Subconscious playing of the shot, where the Conscious mind needs to be kept busy, and basically out of the way. Reinforcement is the Self Image imagining a perfect shot being played again, and building up your confidence for the next time you have that specific shot.

Golf is both a difficult and a great game. The only true judge of success is you. That's the challenge, as well as the greatness, at the same time. In order to reach your physical potential, whatever that may be, your competitive mind must be organized to be an effective tool. With Winning in Mind is the first thing I've seen that was developed and written by a competitor that spent several years as the best in the world in his chosen sport. Lanny Bassham designed a system, then went out and dominated his sport with it. That's good enough for me. This book and Lanny Bassham's Mental Management System has changed the way I approach the game, both as a player and a teacher. I hope you read the book, take the time to study it, and implement as much as you can. You will become a better player. By: Cameron Doan

Cameron Doan is the head golf professional at Preston Trail Golf Club in Dallas. He was the 2003 NTPGA Teacher of the Year, and counts Rich Beem, the 2002 PGA Champion, among his students. He also plays competitively, winning the 2000 NTPGA Match Play Championship, the 2002 NTPGA Western Championship and competing on four Joe Black Cup teams since moving to Dallas in November of 1999.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

FREE Shipping on orders over $200

Shipping costs are out the roof!! We had to adjust our shipping rates for 2008 to compensate for the increase to us on price for shipping and packing materials. But we are offering an incentive to those who order over $200 in materials.

All orders over $200 will receive FREE shipping to anywhere in the United States.

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Smash'em & Bash'em Seminar a True Success!

The Bender/Bassham Seminar on January 24-28 could not have been better. We had a wonderful group of students. The weather worked out for us even though it was a bit chilly. We had students from as far away as Scotland attend. What a blessing!

Here are a few comments from the students:

What I learned:

"That the mental program IS effective for ME. We demonstrated without question this in my startling improvement on the shooting grounds"

"I can develop the mental skills to achieve my skeet shooting goals. I can replace the "black box" with a defined system unique for me and can be changed and adapted as needed."

"I perhaps had the most information, both technical and mental to absorb. This has been 110% successful. The presentation of both teachers was excellent and I found Troy's intervention on certain issues also very clear and helpful."

"Learned a much deeper understanding and appreciation for the Mental Management Program. Learned and introduction, or launch point to tie the MMP into my skeet, well frankly numerous aspects of life. Bassham Rules."

"I learned a system that I can apply to the game of skeet to improve my scores, protect myself from damaging my self image therefore making the game more enjoyable."

"Learned the Mental Management System. Positive motivation, positive action, positive reinforcement of the self image"

"I believe this was not just for skeet but life. I learned so much. To think positive, look forward and leave my behind thoughts to stay away. This course was the one thing I have ever received that could create a new life, healthy life and my most blessed life. Not only in skeet but real life."

"I learned the value in being open and accepting of new ideas and approaches to not just skeet but larger life issues and problems. Skeet to me is certainly a goal or quest but also a metaphor for life."

What did you think about the course?

"I was a bit frustrated during shooting on Thursday as I felt I was floundering about while trying to apply this at the club with too little understanding. But, in hindsight, this experience heightened my appreciation of the effectiveness of the course and the contrast in results in subsequent shooting when my ability to understand and apply the techniques and principles improved."

"The time invested and money spent were very worthwhile but also dependent upon my commitment to practice and implement this mental management system."

"Was very well presented and entirely understandable. The structure was excellent."

"I improved many fold in my shooting habits and abilities. My personal insight of my capabilities has changed significantly. I am far more prepared to deal with issues encountered during training, practice and competition. Bender Rules."

"The course was great. The combination of mechanics and mental is what we need to be successful."

"Great! First time at his course. Came in without having been exposed to CD's or Book. No Preconceptions. Material was presented in a logical positive manner."

"I thought the course was just about right in what it presented to me. By the way, the evaluation just about right is 110% on the delivery scale."

The next Bender/Bassham Seminar is schedule for March 13-16, 2008 - we have 1 spot open. We also have scheduled sessions for June 19-22 & Sept 11-14. Call now to register! 972-899-9640 or 800-879-5079

High School Actors Seek Mental Training for Auditions

Mary Anna Austin Dennard is a top acting coach in the Dallas Ft. Worth area. She specializes in helping high school students obtain the best advantage in their college auditions. Recently, she contacted me, Heather Sumlin, about doing a seminar on Mental Management for her students.

It was a blast! There were 13 students and their parents in attendance. We did a 3 hour training session providing some Mental Management tips to help her students have the best chance of performing well under the pressure of intense competition.

Auditions are extremely competitive there could be hundreds of students fighting for only a handful of spots. The director may love you but not pick you due to you not being the "type" of actor they need. You have to have a strong self image, work ethic and support system to be successful.

Each student also received a copy of "With Winning in Mind" and "What Every Stage Performer Should Know First About the Mental Game" to help with their preparation.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Are You Willing to Change

You may have noticed, or not, that many people who made a promise to themselves to change for the New Year have now, after five weeks, gone back to their old ways. We made the decision to eat better, exercise, practice more, work with an instructor, or improve our attitude. But what is so amazing is how many of us fall short in just a few short weeks. Why? Why is it so easy to say, but so hard to do?

The answer lies in our Self Image. We have enormous amounts of imprints of our old habits and attitudes and they tend to overshadow the new imprints we are trying to generate. This makes change difficult. So the question becomes, "How do I make change easier?" It doesn't matter if your trying to improve your golf game or lose some weight. It doesn't matter if you promised your doctor that you would eat better or that you are going to put in more practice time every week. No matter what you want to change, it has start with changing your Self Image.

Self Image tends to direct our life. It's easy to concentrate on something for a short period of time, but over time our Self Image challenges the new thoughts and something has to give. We either change our Self Image by thinking and acting the way we want or our Self Image forces our thoughts to shift back to the old self. This battle may remind you of the little devil and angel on your shoulder battling out what's best for you. It is why we promote using a directive affirmation as outlined in With Winning in Mind. This is the most powerful Self Image changing tool that one can use, but it takes commitment and discipline to use properly. Before you go off and create a directive affirmation, try the following steps first. These steps may get you on track and get you where you want to go. If they don't, then use the directive affirmation.

First, write a list of the changes you want to make. If you write down the things you want to change it will give you a better idea of how you can prioritize your goals. I have a client that wants to get into better shape. He thinks it will help his golf game and life if he could take off 20 pounds. While this may be true, it's a lot harder to do than to say. He decided to get up 30 minutes earlier and exercise everyday. He made a decision to drink more water and give up soft drinks. Although the plan sounds great, it only lasted six days.

By the end of week one John had lost some weight, 2 pounds. But life got in the way. He had a business trip in the beginning of week two. This got him off track. Instead of water on the plane, it was diet coke. Then it was, "I'll get to my exercise routine when I return home". What do you think happened?

If John would have made a list he would have listed the following: drink more water, eat better, exercise more. By doing this we can now prioritize our list and tackle them one at time. This allows the Self Image to be more comfortable with the desired change.

Second, take small steps. You must first crawl before you can walk and walk before you can run. John could have made similar progress by changing one thing instead of many. It's sometimes easier to make one change at a time. For example, he could have said, I am going to limit myself to two soft drinks a day and be discipline to drink water the rest of the time.

Third, tell someone. There is power in a support group and you need someone to keep you honest and on track. By sharing your goal with someone else they can help keep you motivated and move you into having the attitude you want. If John would have told his instructor that he wanted to get into shape and lose weight for better results on the golf course, his instructor would have been able to help him stay on track. Let's say John had a lesson in the middle of week two and the instructor was informed of John's plan, he would have been able to ask him how that plan was working. This would have helped put John back on track.

Four, set a time table. Give yourself three or four weeks to change this new habit and attitude you want. This sounds so much more realistic than making a life change. The Self Image is more willing to give in for short periods of time. By doing this we are able to stay motivated long enough to increase the likelihood of having permanent Self Image Change.

So try these techniques and see if you can have the change in your life that will give you the results you need.
By Troy Bassham, Director of Junior Development