Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Smash'em & Bash'em Seminar a True Success!

The Bender/Bassham Seminar on January 24-28 could not have been better. We had a wonderful group of students. The weather worked out for us even though it was a bit chilly. We had students from as far away as Scotland attend. What a blessing!

Here are a few comments from the students:

What I learned:

"That the mental program IS effective for ME. We demonstrated without question this in my startling improvement on the shooting grounds"

"I can develop the mental skills to achieve my skeet shooting goals. I can replace the "black box" with a defined system unique for me and can be changed and adapted as needed."

"I perhaps had the most information, both technical and mental to absorb. This has been 110% successful. The presentation of both teachers was excellent and I found Troy's intervention on certain issues also very clear and helpful."

"Learned a much deeper understanding and appreciation for the Mental Management Program. Learned and introduction, or launch point to tie the MMP into my skeet, well frankly numerous aspects of life. Bassham Rules."

"I learned a system that I can apply to the game of skeet to improve my scores, protect myself from damaging my self image therefore making the game more enjoyable."

"Learned the Mental Management System. Positive motivation, positive action, positive reinforcement of the self image"

"I believe this was not just for skeet but life. I learned so much. To think positive, look forward and leave my behind thoughts to stay away. This course was the one thing I have ever received that could create a new life, healthy life and my most blessed life. Not only in skeet but real life."

"I learned the value in being open and accepting of new ideas and approaches to not just skeet but larger life issues and problems. Skeet to me is certainly a goal or quest but also a metaphor for life."

What did you think about the course?

"I was a bit frustrated during shooting on Thursday as I felt I was floundering about while trying to apply this at the club with too little understanding. But, in hindsight, this experience heightened my appreciation of the effectiveness of the course and the contrast in results in subsequent shooting when my ability to understand and apply the techniques and principles improved."

"The time invested and money spent were very worthwhile but also dependent upon my commitment to practice and implement this mental management system."

"Was very well presented and entirely understandable. The structure was excellent."

"I improved many fold in my shooting habits and abilities. My personal insight of my capabilities has changed significantly. I am far more prepared to deal with issues encountered during training, practice and competition. Bender Rules."

"The course was great. The combination of mechanics and mental is what we need to be successful."

"Great! First time at his course. Came in without having been exposed to CD's or Book. No Preconceptions. Material was presented in a logical positive manner."

"I thought the course was just about right in what it presented to me. By the way, the evaluation just about right is 110% on the delivery scale."

The next Bender/Bassham Seminar is schedule for March 13-16, 2008 - we have 1 spot open. We also have scheduled sessions for June 19-22 & Sept 11-14. Call now to register! 972-899-9640 or 800-879-5079

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