Monday, January 24, 2011

With Winning in Mind helps woman improve self-image

Mental Management Systems products can help you with more than just sports. Check out this testimonial of how a man used the information in "With Winning in Mind" to help his sister battling depression to improve her self-image.

"I received a copy of “With Winning in Mind” in February and have put a lot of the systems in place. I take part in Cowboy Action Shooting and have recently returned from the world champs in California where I finished 5th in my category and 12th overall. I have used the information in “With Winning in Mind” with great success in my shooting and have found it to be a great resource in training, goal setting and just generally choosing to take a positive approach to everything.

On my arrival back in New Zealand I received a distressed call from my sister-in-law 5 hours away with news that my sister had tried to take her own life and she did not know how to help. Now this was way outside my comfort zone, but I was positive and made the trip to see her.

While packing I added my shooting diary and “With Winning in Mind” to refresh and plan my next shooting goals, as I had a 3 hour ferry trip that was going to give me some forced time where I could work on my plans relatively uninterrupted.

On arrival and after many hours of listening to my sister, her friends, doctors and psychiatrists reviewing the situations that led her to this situation, I managed to build a pretty good picture of the patterns that had led here. Almost all was caused by constant negative reinforcement of all the things in her life. After all this expert help, my sister was no better off as they just suggested she continue counseling.

My sister is a very strong person under normal circumstances and she wanted desperately to take control of her life and had expected professional people to tell her how. I explained to her what I thought would help her achieve what she wanted and explained how that had worked well for me. So I went to my bag and pulled out “With Winning in Mind” and worked through the techniques for improving self image. We drew out what she thought her problem was and the habits and attitudes that she needed to change, what her new self image is going to be, the pay value, obstacles, how to overcome these obstacles, set new goals and wrote a Directive Affirmation. Straight away with all this written in front of her she could see a solution to her problems and for the first time in her life felt that she is now in control and has a positive plan for the future. We discussed ways of breaking the negative links she had in her thought patterns and only choosing to reinforce positive things.

I can now inform you that after putting her plan in place and reading the whole book she is a new person and is so positive she has gone off the anti-depressant medication she was on as she felt it was only triggering a negative response (take my pill, oh that's right I am depressed.) Her previous negative way of dealing with all things is pretty much gone and I am certain she will now achieve great things; of course I now need a new book!"

Steve from New Zealand

"With Winning in Mind" is the most authoritative book available on mental training for sports and competitive business environments.

"With Winning in Mind" helps teach you to turn your deficiencies into strengths. Anyone, not just athletes and performers can benefit from "With Winning in Mind" by learning to increase performance while reducing stress.

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Friday, January 21, 2011

Cycling Coach recommends "With Winning in Mind"

“I discovered With Winning in Mind- The Mental Management System, by Lanny Bassham, when searching for books on the topic of motivation/positive thinking/coaching. Having a positive mental frame is crucial to winning and excelling in any area of one’s life: in business, athletics, and personal. Mr. Bassham’s book was the only one I found that encompassed the best of the principles of behavior modification, with positive thinking and coaching in an easy to assimilate and successful format.

I loved the book and used its inspiration to coach an athlete who was at bottom 5% to top 5% and two podium wins. I just recently bought the DVD for my own use, to keep me re-charged, I love it! I highly recommend the book and the DVDs.”

Ileana Sisson, M.S. Ph.D., cand. Psychotherapist, USA Cycling Coach

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Mental Management client, Ashley Melnick, Miss Texas competes for Miss America TONIGHT!

Watch Mental Management client, Ashley Melnick, Miss Texas as she competes for the title of Miss America!

Tonight, January 15th, on ABC!

"Mental Management has given me a completely different outlook on competing and how I see every opportunity & obstacle in life. It has given me confidence and peace with who I am and what I can offer others. The mental tools I've been given are very adaptable, fun and easy to use. Mental Management has taken my competition to the next level, and truly helped me win Miss Texas." Ashley Melnick, Miss Texas 2010

Miss Texas is a full time paid public speaking position. Ashley spends her days speaking to schools, companies and organizations about her platform "The Voice of Autism", sharing stories of her brother Ryan and helping people understand the importance of accepting others no matter how different they may be. As part of her prize package, Ashley has received an apartment for the year, a Lexus to drive, wardrobe assistance, jewelry, training, cash scholarship and much more. The job of Miss America would be even more exciting and we will be watching to see if her dreams come true!

Ashley has been a student of Mental Management since the spring of 2010. To learn more about Mental Management please visit our website and sign up for our free email newsletter MENTALCOACH.