Friday, September 11, 2009

Ben Crane Hole in One at Honda Classic

We recently found this video on You Tube of Ben Crane at the Honda Classic and thought we would share. Two awesome shots back to back!

Mental Management Founder Lanny Bassham and Mental Coach Troy Bassham both attended this tournament to work with Ben on his mental game. Ben is a member of our Limited Elite.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Training Coaches Program

Learn how to improve your coaching skills with training from Lanny Bassham!

Our next Mental Management Coaches Training session will be held near our offices in the Dallas area on Friday Nov. 6 & Saturday Nov. 7, 2009. The fee is $695 per person and is limited to the first 25 coaches who register.

(Register by Oct. 23rd and SAVE $145.00)


This training program will be the first step toward an official and recognized alignment with our company. The graduates of this seminar will become Affiliated Mental Management Coaches. We will officially recognize these coaches on our website and hope to have a long on-going association with them in the future.

If you are interested in joining us I encourage you to give us a call and register for this training.

What will you learn:

How to structure training to help build self image in your students.
4 Stages of Learning
4 Participation Level
4 Readiness Factors
4 Coaching Styles
Guidelines of Coaching
Importance of Edification
Benefits of learning from mistakes
Triad State Analysis
Mastery Curve
How people learn
Teaching Moment
How to conduct Performance Coaching Session
Understanding of how the mental game syncs with technique and form
How to make your coaching program more profitable (including intellectual property)
Develop an understanding of Mental Management as it pertains to instruction
And More

Very little training is available for coaches and we are excited to offer this session!

When & Where:

November. 6 & 7, 2009 - Near our office in Flower Mound, TX

Cost - $695 per person limited to 25 coaches

EARLY REGISTRATION PRICE OF $550 for those who register by Oct. 23rd - seating is Limited so Call ASAP to reserve your spot!


Call 972-899-9640 or 800-879-5079 to register or reply to this email with questions.
The Instructor for this session is Lanny Bassham. Troy Bassham will assist with this training program.

Lanny is a Silver and Gold Medalist in the Olympics, Two-Time World Champion, Official Olympic Coach for 2 Olympic Games, owner of the International Shooting School where he coached for 11 years and Mental Management Founder, Business Owner and Mental Coach for the last 32 years. Lanny also owned and operated a Multi-Million Dollar Networking Business for 20 years with extensive training in sales & leadership. Lanny has created this New Coaches Program based on what he has learned through his experiences as a coach and business owner. You won't want to miss it!

This type of training is applicable to any coach or anyone who works with people. Coaches who have attended past Training Coaches Courses include coaches in the following sports:

Dog Sports
Shotgun Sports

And Non-sports related coaches or managers in the following areas also attended or are planning to attend this training:

Vocal Performance
Pageant Director/Coach
Parents of competitive youth
Law Enforcement

Call to register 972-899-9640 or 800-879-5079

Quitting is NOT an Option! by Troy Bassham

This article was posted in our September issue of MENTALCOACH (free email newsletter)

Quitting is NOT an Option!

During the last eighteen months we have had more clients contemplate quitting than we have ever seen before. Most are concerned about the economy and are not sure if they can continue toward their goals. This brings us to an interesting crossroads, should I continue or should I quit?

We have a saying at Mental Management Systems, you either get your goal or you trade up. Many of our clients have had to make tough decisions about trading in their dream for something more important or pushing through to obtain their goal. Neither is right or wrong, but giving up is not option. Things just don't happen by chance, they happen to test you. The test is a simple one, it's a question of whether you are on the right track or not.

If you're in a position to quit, ask yourself first what you should be learning from this experience. In many cases you have to go through tough situations in order to achieve the accomplishments you strive for. The next question is "Is the prize worth the price?" If not, you most likely have a more important goal to trade up to, if the answer is yes than you must ask yourself if you are on the right track. If you're on the right track, then look at where you are at on that track. U.S. humorist and showman Will Rogers once said, "Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there." It's not good enough to have the goal and plan in place, one must also stay the course with great enthusiasm and commitment. An example of this is Karoly Takacs.

Karoly Takacs was member of the Hungarian national pistol team in 1938 at 29 years of age. He was an active army sergeant and one of the top rapid fire pistol shooters in the world, until tragedy struck. On a training mission, a defective hand grenade exploded in his shooting (right) hand that shattered it completely. He spent a month in the hospital recovering and his dreams of competing in the 1940 Olympics were gone. While others would have quit, Karoly had a different approach. He secretly taught himself how to shoot left handed. At the national championships in 1939 shooters came to him to give him their condolences and to thank him for having the strength to come watch them compete. Imagine the surprise when he replied, "I didn't come to watch, I came to compete." Karoly, not only competed, he won the national championships.

The dream of competing in the Olympics would come to an end again in 1940 and 1944, due to the cancellation of the games during World War II. Ten years after the accident, Takacs made the Olympic team at the 1948 Olympics in London. Before the competition, world champion and world record holder, Carlos Saenz Valiente, asked Takacs why he was in London. Takacs replied, "I'm here to learn." Takacs would win the rapid fire event and set a new Olympic record, beating Valiente by nine points. During the medal ceremony, Valiente, who finished second, looked up to Takacs and said, "You have learned enough." Four years later Takacs defends his Olympic title, becoming the first repeat winner of this event.

Whether you move forward with your goal, or you trade up for another goal, remember that you must stay focused and move toward that goal with great motivation if you want to be successful.

Written By: Mental Coach Troy Bassham