Wednesday, February 6, 2008

High School Actors Seek Mental Training for Auditions

Mary Anna Austin Dennard is a top acting coach in the Dallas Ft. Worth area. She specializes in helping high school students obtain the best advantage in their college auditions. Recently, she contacted me, Heather Sumlin, about doing a seminar on Mental Management for her students.

It was a blast! There were 13 students and their parents in attendance. We did a 3 hour training session providing some Mental Management tips to help her students have the best chance of performing well under the pressure of intense competition.

Auditions are extremely competitive there could be hundreds of students fighting for only a handful of spots. The director may love you but not pick you due to you not being the "type" of actor they need. You have to have a strong self image, work ethic and support system to be successful.

Each student also received a copy of "With Winning in Mind" and "What Every Stage Performer Should Know First About the Mental Game" to help with their preparation.

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