Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Lanny & Heather in Sequim WA

Lanny and I just got back from Sequim, WA yesterday. We did a 2 day seminar for dog agility competitors! What a blast!! We had 12 people in the session who all compete with their dogs in agility on different levels. Some are fairly new to the sport and others are veterans. We had a chance to watch a few of them train their dogs on Karla Kimmey’s outside ring. That sure looks like a lot of fun! My dogs recently passed away so the time spent with the dogs was fun and emotional for me. I even learned a little bit and got to assist in helping one Aussie over a jump and through the weave poles. Very cool – I can see how that sport can be addicting.

This seminar was the last dog agility class we have on the calendar but I sure hope it’s not our last session. It was wonderful and everyone there was amazing to meet and learn from as well. The class was comfortable, casual and Lanny was hilarious – he had the group in stitches a few times. I wondered for a moment if he was auditioning for Last Comic Standing. At one point Karla even said – “Hey, Lanny I’d love to be your Stand Up manager”. Karla is always a wonderful host and the fact that everyone was able to camp out on her property and run their dogs was an added plus.

Our seminars vary from group to group and session to session. The content is always similar of course – we use the same slides and have the same outline but the group really leads the discussion in many ways. This was my first travel seminar experience with agility. I loved it! I learned a lot and I’m thankful to have been able to go. Everyone was very open and fun. I talked to several of the attendees after the session and got a really strong feeling that they left with the knowledge they came for – that’s our goal!

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