Saturday, April 10, 2010

Lanny's Update from The Masters - Friday

Masters Friday

Pressure is on at the Masters. You can feel it in the air. The anticipation of crowning a new Masters Champion is here and on day two the players responded as you might expect to the pressure of golf’s biggest prize. Some seemed to handle it better than others. The leaders changed on the board. Some of those that had trouble on Thursday posted improved scores while some of the Thursday’s leaders faltered. Golf has a habit of doing that to you. Consistency is hard to count on at the Masters.

I suspect that most of the inconsistency comes from over-trying. This event is the biggest of the year and comes first among the majors in the calendar. Players feel the need to give it their all and that is just too much effort to cause low scoring. The bigger the competition the greater the pull to over-try so as this is golf’s biggest event the negative impact is huge at the Masters.

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