Friday, April 16, 2010

Mental Coach Troy Bassham - Testimonial from Parent

(pictured Matt McLean, Thomas Birdsey & Justin Poynter at Jim McLean's Golf Center)

"The game of golf requires equal mental skills as physical skills to reach ones potential. Troy Bassham with Mental Management has had a profound effect on our son’s performance in tournament competition. In fact, the first tournament after Thomas’ Mental Management session with Troy, Thomas accomplished his first ever bogie free round the first day of an AJGA Junior Golf Tournament. A few weeks later, Thomas qualified for the US Amateur the summer before his senior year in high school. We are particularly impressed with Troy’s mentoring style, which helped Thomas clearly comprehend and immediately implement the basic principles of Mental Management. We have learned that Mental Management benefits go beyond the golf course. Our family learned valuable life skills and more effective communication with our student athlete. Thank you Troy for the outstanding job helping Thomas reach his potential." Don & Cindy Birdsey

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