Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dog Obedience Success Story

This email was sent to us a while back and sorting through our inbox it was located again today. We wanted to take a moment to post it and share on our blog!

"Taylor and I competed in obedience. I had done some obedience with her uncle - Nirvana's Irish Stu CDX but I was still very new to the sport. I was introduced to "With Winning in Mind" by my trainer at the time. Taylor and I had struggled with the 3rd level - Utility but persisted. We started using your program of visualization and positive self talk and our performances started to greatly improve. To achieve an OTCH title we had to compete and beat some of the best dog and handler teams in the country. As we were new to this - the task was daunting. Your program was a very important part of our success. It was an incredible experience to have such a close and wonderful connection with my best team mate and best friend - Taylor, having the mental discipline to stay focused and on track made it all possible." Barbara

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