Friday, September 17, 2010

"With Winning in Mind" 3rd Edition Now Available

Mental Management Systems Announces the Brand New Edition of Lanny Bassham's best selling book "With Winning in Mind"

Purchase now as an audio download for a Special Discounted Price until Oct. 1st

3rd Edition of With Winning in Mind

The last time Lanny Bassham revised "With Winning in Mind" was in 1995! The first edition was written in 1988. It's long overdue for an updated version of the book and we have a special announcement!

The Audio Download version of the new 3rd Edition of "With Winning in Mind" is now available! It is on sale for $24.95 until Oct. 1st - at that time it will be changed to it's regular price of $31.50. (Save $6.55 by ordering now)

This is a link to all of the downloads - "With Winning in Mind" is first on the list: CLICK HERE (all audio downloads are also currently on sale and pricing will increase on Oct. 1st - feel free to reply to this email with questions)

Lanny Bassham enhanced several chapters of "With Winning in Mind" (Goal Setting, Mental Program, Skills Factory, etc) and added a several new chapters (Pressure, Number One Mental Problem, Decisiveness, The Challenge) to update the book.

The Audio Version is read by Lanny.

The Table of Contents of the new version:

Chapter 1 - It Doesn't Matter if You Win or Lose, Until you Lose

Chapter 2 - Winning is a Process

Chapter 3 - Principles of Mental Management

Chapter 4 - The Balance of Power

Chapter 5 - The Mental Management Goal Setting System

Chapter 6 - The Principle of Reinforcement

Chapter 7 - Rehearsal: The Most Versatile Mental Tool

Chapter 8 - The Three Phases of a Task

Chapter 9 - Running a Mental Program

Chapter 10 - Pressure - Is it a Friend or Foe?

Chapter 11 - The Number One Mental Problem

Chapter 12 - The Skills Factory

Chapter 13 - Performance Analysis

Chapter 14 - Building a Better You

Chapter 15 - The Directive Affirmation - the Power Tool for Self-Image Change

Chapter 16 - Making the Directive Affirmation Work for You

Chapter 17 - Decisiveness

Chapter 18 - Become a Promoter

Chapter 19 - The Challenge

This Audio Download is applicable to anyone striving to improve their mental consistency in sport, business, performance or life.

Current Price: $24.95
Regular Price: $31.50 (starting Oct. 1st)

NO SHIPPING COST - is only available as a download at this time.

CLICK HERE to purchase today!

Printed Book Version?? YES - soon! The 3rd Edition of "With Winning in Mind" will be available in a Hardcover book form and we hope to have it available for Christmas! We are editing and sending off to the printer soon. We will take preorders for the printed version when we know what the ship date will be. Send an email to to be put on a list to contact as soon as the printed version is available!

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