Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Texas Junior Golf Tour and Mental Management

Quotes from the Texas Junior Golf Tour CBM Director and President on Mental Management Systems.

Dave Jones, TJGT President stated, “As a former Air Force fighter pilot and NCAA athlete, I realized that being successful in sports and in your professional life meant there would always be times of “pressure to perform” in key situations. Whether it is a big play or shot on the course, taking an ACT/SAT test or preparing for a difficult check ride in a fighter or commercial jet, I learned quickly those who can manage their emotions and focus on the task at hand in high pressure situations were the ones who excelled. Lanny and Troy’s programs at Mental Management couldn’t be a better fit for the competitive junior golfer seeking to maximizing the golf and academic performance to obtain that all important college scholarship. This partnership and the free gifts are another example of TJGT’s commitment to bring the best overall value in junior golf. Mental Management will assist every member to generate an edge over their competitors on the golf course and in the classroom. We look forward to partnering with Lanny & Troy in continuing our passion of every TJGT member receiving a college education and maximizing their potential.”

Coach Monzingo, TJGT CBM Director stated, “Simply put, those who can perform on the course and in the classroom the best under pressure are the players who rise to the top. I have recruited many players at the collegiate level and those who can raise their performance in competitive, pressure filled situations are the ones who college coaches select. Time and time again as a teacher in the classroom and a collegiate golf coach, the kids who had good “Mental Management” training are the ones who excelled above their peers. Lanny & Troy are men of outstanding character and experience. Our CBM players & families will greatly benefit from the gifts and the training from Mental Management. I encourage every TJGT player inside the college bound membership program to seek out this exceptional training. Lanny & Troy are first class people with gold medal results.”

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