Monday, March 22, 2010

Email from a Happy Customer!

The exciting part about working at Mental Management Systems are the emails we receive like the one below from a golfer who is using "With Winning in Mind" to reach his potential!

Hi Lanny:

Thank you for writing With Winning in Mind. I firmly believe golf (and life)
is a game played mostly between the ears. After reading your book, and
adopting your strategies for changing my self-image as a golfer, I have
taken my game to another level almost overnight.

I am an accomplished player (4 handicap) who has long struggled with how to
shave those last few strokes from my game. I knew I had the physical skills
to shoot par, and finally admitted to myself that my fear and anxiety were
holding me back.

My search for answers led me to With Winning in Mind. Your book helped me to see that I was suffering under a destructive misconception. Because I had not been playing golf for very long, I (wrongly) believed I hadn't "earned the right" to be a par shooter. I knew I had to replace that image with a better one, if I was going to reach my goals in golf. Your solution is deceptively simple, yet powerful: Become the golfer you want to be by
believing you are that golfer now, not in the future. Inhabit that reality,
make it a part of who you are, so no matter what happens during a round of
golf, you can count on yourself to perform at least to that level. I knew
intuitively that you had given me the key to unlocking my potential, and I
couldn't wait to put it to the test.

The very next day, I shot even par. And just yesterday, I shot one-under,
beating par over 18 holes for the first time. These were not perfect rounds
of golf, by any means. I made some bad swings, and got into some tough
spots. But I was unflappable, and that made all the difference.

Needless to say, I am recommending your book to everyone who will listen.
Thank you again.

Greg Newman

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