Wednesday, September 26, 2007

When a Door Closes - Look for the Open Window

(pictured is Helen Bassham, Jun Lee and Lanny Bassham)

Last week we had a wonderful visit from a friend of the family, Jun Lee. If you have read the book "With Winning in Mind" you may remember Lanny mentioning a student named Enchul Lee who is an Olympic Gold Medalist. Jun is his sister.

When we lived in Seguin, TX many moons ago, Lanny ran an international shooting school for rifle shooters from across the globe to train. Enchul became a part of our "shooting family" back in the 80's and we had the pleasure of getting to know his entire family. In fact, his mother chose to move toSeguin with her 4 kids to give Enchul the opportunity to train with Lanny full time!

Jun was an aspiring golfer and was very talented growing up. We went to school together and I remember she was always very dedicated to her sport and performance. She has spent her whole life competing with golf and has also trained with Lanny on Mental Management. Two years ago she moved back to Texas from California to train with Hank Haney in hopes of playing for theLPGA . Her dream crashed when she was injured and could no longer properly train golf. She can play a round but she can't hit buckets of balls due to her need to take breaks.

Unwilling to let her love of golf out of her life she searched for other ways to fulfill her. For quite sometime she had thought of the possibility of designing a clothing line for women who play golf. Something fashionable, yet with fabric that can breath and a design to allow you to move the way you need to when you play. She said she hated the fact that after playing she felt she would need to change before going out to grab a bite of food because what she was wearing looked too "golfy". She also said that some of the golf attire is difficult to truly move well in and not just play but compete in comfortably. Due to her new injury and inability to train full time she began her adventure of design. Her company "Styles By Jun" was born and she is excitingly promoting her new line across the country!

After spending time at lunch catching up, Jun brought in some samples of her clothing. We were all extremely impressed with the quality and style of each piece! Very nice job, Jun! In fact, I want to buy much of it for myself....and I don't golf, I just like the way it looks and feels. Most of it you can wear anywhere.

What is interesting is that her door to the LPGA was closed due to an injury but a window was opened and she is living a dream where she can still make difference in golf and she has found a new passion and strength with design and business ownership! Sometimes we need to look around when our world seems like it is falling apart to find that open window of opportunity.

If you are interested in learning more about her business "Styles By Jun" please check out her website or send her an email She is currently selling her designs through Golf Clubs and Golf Resorts across the country. Her hope is to have an online store for individuals to purchase in the future.

She also said that her break from training hasn't negatively affected her golf game. She still loves to play and her scores are actually improving so she is considering heading back to competition someday. Maybe that dream faded long enough for something new to arise but it may not be completely deadafter all.....

written by: Heather Sumlin

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