Thursday, September 13, 2007

Lanny and Troy to speak for Eagle U in January

Eagle "U" is a Leadership Camp for teens and young adults ages 14 through 25. Lanny Bassham speaks for their seminars each year on Mental Management and Troy Bassham speaks on finding the best college. It is a wonderful opportunity for young people. Below is an article sent to us from Eagle U, written by Austen Brown.

Seventeen years old, gangly, a self-proclaimed awkward tomboy who had just won Miss South Carolina Teen USA. Sounds quite strange in and of itself, but that was me. Though I’d been modeling for the larger portion of my life, I’d spent most of my years being teased about my weight and features. Then out of the blue, my childhood best friend convinces me that I should do a pageant. I never thought in a million years that I would win! But I am everyday thankful for having had that opportunity. Not necessarily because of the “obvious” reasons, but because of the seemingly smaller parts of the “prize package.”

After winning the title, I was told that I had a scholarship to Eagle “U.” My first question is, “What is an Eagle “U?” And the only answer that I was given was “You’re going to love it.” And they were right. I loved it. I walked onto the campus of Georgetown University an awkward teenager living under her circumstances, stained with a significant amount of self-doubt, a ridiculously low self-image, and a smile to cover up all of my “stuff.” All this while preparing for an opportunity of a lifetime. Not many people would know that I, “Miss Congeniality,” would feel the way that I did but Eagle “U” gave me the chance to be myself with no judgements and nothing but love, support, and amazing advice.

The tools that I learned in those five days of my life would lead me to the most momentous paradigm shift of my still changing life. The study skills I learned kept me on the Dean’s List. The interview skills have gotten me every job I’ve ever applied for. The goal setting I learned has kept me focused on all the things I know that I’m destined to accomplish. The mentoring program helped me “copy genius instead of creating mediocrity.” I was taught to have self- confidence and learned how to be a 10 every day. I learned to have an “attitude of gratitude,” how to love and respect myself enough to go after my dreams, and help other people get “more of what they want and less of what they don’t want.”

Eagle “U” has literally made me a better person. If I could give advice to any teenager, parent, guardian, or any person who cares about a teenager or college student, I would tell them to ship their kid/student to Eagle “U” for five days for the rest of their lives. And when they ask where they’re going, let them know that they’ll love it and rest assured that at the VERY least your student will walk “off campus” a more focused, loving, ambitious, more capable version of themselves. By Austen Brown

For more information on this life changing experience please call: 1-888-7EAGLEU!

The next Eagle "U" will take place January 2 - 6, 2008 (Location TBA but it will be the Dallas/Ft. Worth area)

Mental Management clients receive a discount by using this code #22774 when you register.

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