Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Fred Funk Shoots Shotgun?

PGA Tour Pro, Fred Funk is known for his ability to keep up with the young guys on the golf course but this week we had a chance to watch him shoot a shotgun too. Lanny has been working with Fred Funk on his mental game this year. In fact, Fred and Sharon have really been instrumental in helping us assist the Pro golf community over the past year.

Fred is on a "Limited Elite" program where he received mental training guidance from Lanny Bassham throughout the year as well as 3 days of intense Individual Application Training in person. Fred and Sharon Funk came to Texas this week and spent time working with Lanny on Monday morning in our offices and then Lanny assisted Fred on the golf course for the afternoon. Tuesday, Lanny wanted to show Fred what shooting is all about and took him and his son Taylor out to the Dallas Gun Club to experience Sporting Clays! They are pretty good shots too! After all, Sporting Clays is kinda like golf with a shotgun - each station is different like each hole is different.

They had a great time! Sometimes it's fun just to do something new and exciting for a change! We tell our students all the time that to have that "Let's Just Have Fun Today" attitude and your performance will stay in line with your ability. So our goal for our Limited Elite Students is to not only help them with their mental game for their sport but also to have fun at the same time!

Fred and Sharon have an amazing family and have been incredible people to get to know. We have been blessed to have them in our lives and a part of our Limited Elite! Thank you for all you do!

Wednesday, Lanny and Troy took off to Madison, Mississippi for the Viking Classic to watch Fred play. They will stay for a day or two and then head back home. Since we work with such a wide variety of sports we do not get the chance to watch our students compete very often. It really is wonderful to be able to coach them during the competition time every now and again.

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