Friday, September 14, 2007

Success Story from Ralph Pinney about his son Cory

Below is an email we received from a Father who wanted to share his son's successes with us! Congrats Cory!! (to share your success story on our blog please send an email to with story and photo)


I would like to let you know about my son's success story. Cory is 14 now,
and I've been printing off your newsletters for some time. Additionally,
we have both read 'With Winning Mind' more than once.

Cory has been shooting skeet for 3 years and this is the first year he has shot the subgauges. At the beginning of August, we attended the Junior World Skeet Championship tournament that was held outside of Boston, MA.
Cory did quite well. He received a World Champion gold medal for the the
12ga event for his age bracket. He also received a 3rd place bronze medal
for the 20ga event and a 3rd place bronze medal for the HOA event.
Considering that last year in the Junior World, he came back with only a participation pin becasue his gun broke and he had to shoot with a backup gun, Cory has come a long way in one year.

We can certainly contribute a portion of his success to the Mental
Management practices learned from the book and newsletters. Cory is very
strong in this area. Especially in not letting misses distract him. He
has a solid pre-shot routine and regularly visualizes shooting an entire round of skeet with the help of the audio I recorded.

Needless to say, Cory's entire family is extremely proud of his accomplishment.

I've included a couple of pictures.

1 Proud Dad,
Ralph Pinney

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