Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Rebecca Robinson Miss Texas 2008 visits Mental Management!

Miss Texas Rebecca Robinson attended a 1 day seminar with Lanny Bassham and Heather Sumlin yesterday 7-28-08. What an amazing and talented young lady! We were very impressed with Rebecca. She is a graduate of A&M with a degree in Spanish. Her ultimate dream job is to be a translator for the United Nations. Her platform is Viva Texas! Building Bridges through Bilingual Education.

This tap dancing 24 year old bilingual blonde is heading to Miss America in January and will be training with Mental Management for the next 6 months to help her be mentally prepared for the competition and the job! Yes Miss America is a JOB. In fact, as Miss Texas, Rebecca will have over 400 appearances and will speak to over 100,000 students across Texas. Miss Texas is a paid position and when you win you do not have time for school, family or time off - you are living your platform, spreading your message and preparing for Miss America (Your LAST competition of your pageant career). It is more than just a crown...it's a challenge!

Rebecca won over $10,000 in scholarship money at the Miss Texas pageant which she plans to use when she heads back to school to get her masters in a third language. The Miss America Organization is the largest source of scholarship assistance to young women in the world.

Pageantry is a different kind of sport - it is the only sport we know of where the better you are the shorter your career! Rebecca won Miss Texas and will only have 1 shot at the National competition. Most sports you can compete at the State and National level multiple times. In pageantry you only have a set number of years to compete at all and most will never compete on a national stage!

For more information on how you can prepare mentally for your pageant competition contact Heather Sumlin at heather@mentalmanagement.com or click here.

There is a great interview with Rebecca Robinson on CBS 19 called Miss Longview! Miss Texas! Miss America? Check it out!

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