Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Mental Toughness Course was a BLAST!

We had so much fun at Mental Toughness! This course was for athletes and performers ages 14-25 and took place during Eagle U. If you have not had the pleasure of attending please contact Richelle at Eagle U for more details. www.eagleu.com or success@eagleu.com - you can also email Heather Sumlin at heather@mentalmanagement.com

The first thing we did was identify what the students wanted to learn. We had 16 students in the class competing in a variety of activities: Soccer, Track, Boxing, Tennis, Football, Basketball, Dance, Pageantry, Volleyball, Softball and music.

Here is a list of what they wanted to learn during their 3 days with Mental Management instructors Lanny Bassham, Troy Bassham & Heather Sumlin:

How to obtain a Mental Advantage over Competition

Controlling Nerves & Pressure

How to enter performance with confidence

Controlling the negative

Staying positive

Gamesmanship – how to handle

Mental System (focus)

Second Guessing – Comparing Self to Others

Blocking Physical Pain

Dealing with Discouragement

Staying Consistent

Fear Control

Distraction Control

How to deal with Negative People

Transferring Practice to Competition

Learning from Mistakes

Who to listen to and who to shut out


Mental Energy

We spent our time going over the answers to these questions, we also had the students apply what they learned in a competition - BagGo competition. We split the class into groups to help with the application portion of the session and were able to give the pageant competitors different advice than the sport competitors to keep the students engaged and able to learn what they needed to know for their particular activity.

Here are some comments from several who attended the session:

Justin, VA - Boxing

“The point of focus part of the mental program worked amazingly the first time I used it. Blocking out my competitors and focusing me on not only the moment but also on the process where everything fell together. One good shot just led to the next.”

Brittany, LA – Pageantry and Sports

“If you believe, You Can Achieve”

Ashleigh, MD - Pageantry

“Mental Toughness has changed my life. I did not expect to walk away with this much useful information that I will incorporate into my life. Lanny Bassham is an inspiration to anyone competing. He truly cares about helping young individuals achieve their goals no matter what the sport is. Thank you very much for this eye opening experience.”

Jackson – Track – Long Distance Running

“This course will help anyone and everyone. To be honest, I think this was more helpful than the hundreds of hours I have invested in physical training.”

Bailey, OK – Pageantry and Dance

“It was amazing and it completely changed the way I mentally approach challenges.”

Brandon, TX - Tennis

“I thought I had a pretty good idea of how to be mentally tough, but there were so many aspects that I didn’t know or didn’t think would work that actually affected me for the better.”

Christina,RI - Pageantry

“Mental Toughness is amazing! In a few days I got the opportunity to be in the presence of Lanny and learn his approach on mentally preparing yourself for anything in life. I learned so much more in that short amount of time than in the 3 years I went to college. If you have not been to Mental Toughness, I highly recommend you go. It will help you and it give you an edge over everyone else. I loved it!!”

Faran, IL - Dance

“I never thought there was a way to control your performance, practice and mind mentally. After the Mental Management program I now know what it takes to be a successful positive and tenacious performer and competitor. Not only can Mental Toughness (Management) be used in competitions but also in everyday life to make you the best person you can possibly be.” Thank You

Becca, TX - Pageantry

Before Mental Toughness I has wishes. After this training I learned how to develop a six-year plan of success for my life. I am ready to live a complete life by getting what I want.”

Hannah, IL - Running

“People often make goals for themselves, but only truly passionate people know how to accomplish them. Mr. Bassham’s program uses his expertise and highly understandable methods to make even the most disheartened player learn how to achieve his or her own dreams. Thank you for a great and life-changing program!”

Sydney, VT - Pageantry

“Mental Toughness has prepared me for my competition and every aspect of my life. These tools will stick with me throughout the rest of my life and I know whatever I am competing in, I will perform like a winner.”

Stan, IL – Football & Track

“This course will help every sports player get to the next level.”

We hope to see YOU at the next Mental Toughness Seminar!

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