Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Matter of Degree - Article by Lanny Bassham

There appears to be a subtle but important division among performers. The first group are training to learn the sport or talent. The second group are training to compete and the third group are training to win. Advice given to one group might be inappropriate for another. For example, if one would ask me if taking food supplementation was important I would suggest no for group one, maybe for group two and absolutely for group three. For a shotgun shooter, is having a backup gun essential? For group one, probably not. Perhaps for group two and absolutely for group three. Everything gets more important the higher the level of achievement.

It is much the same with the mental skills. You can get away with a negative attitude if you want to just learn a sport. But, if you wish to dominate the sport you must abandon your negative ways and discipline yourself to the principles of positivity.

Positivity Principle Number One - What you think about matters. Every time you picture or talk about missing a target or ten-ring your Self Image thinks you have just missed it again and you have dramatically improved the chances of missing it in the future. So, if you wish to dominate your sport you cannot afford to think about your non-hits.

Positivity Principle Number Two - Your Self Image needs positive nourishment. When you do something correctly, like hitting a target, making a putt or closing a sale give yourself some recognition. Reward yourself. Say, "That's like me!" Remember, staying positive is only essential if you desire to win. If you can handle not winning you can afford to stay negative. But, if you wish to win, you must get positive and stay positive. It is a matter of degree.

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