Monday, July 7, 2008

Last Chance to sign up for Mental Toughness!

Last chance to register for the Eagle U Mental Toughness Program - July 21 - 26 in Denton TX!! Registration ENDS THIS FRIDAY July 11th! This is an amazing opportunity, we are looking forward to helping students apply Mental Management to their sport, stage performance or business.

The information below is from the Eagle U website to describe this course with instructor and mentor, Olympic Gold Medalist, Lanny Bassham (he will be assisted by Heather Sumlin & Troy Bassham for this session).

Throughout our lives and our children's lives, we face defining moments that have a profound effect on our future. Some look back, and our children may look back, at those moments and wish they could do it over, or prepare differently, so that they, simply put, could have performed to their potential - the level they have reached many times in practice.

We have all witnessed the talented individual that did not reach their potential in sports, music, education, stage, screen, or countless other endeavors. They choked and became afraid to try again for fear of failure.

Eagle U offers a program designed to teach students a system to perform at their best on demand under pressure.

What gives Eagle "U" the expertise to provide this valuable system?

Teaching the Mental Toughness 5-day program is a member of the Eagle U faculty, Mr. Lanny Bassham. Lanny is a two time world champion, a 1976 Olympic gold medalist, author of With Winning in Mind & "Freedom Flight - The Origins of Mental Power" and the former mental preparation coach to nine countries' Olympic teams. Lanny has been training Olympians, corporations, and individuals wanting to improve their performance under pressure for over 30 years and is currently the mental preparation coach for 15 PGA Tour Players. Now the same proven system that makes the difference between excellence and average is available to your student through Eagle U.

It's about peak performance on demand when opportunity knocks.

Will your student move beyond fears and limiting beliefs, accomplish goals and reach their potential? By following a system that separates medal winners from the rest of the pack, your student will learn:

The three mental processes that control an excellent performance
How to turn deficiencies into strengths
The most powerful mental tools used by Olympic winners
Why 95% of all winning is accomplished by 5% of participants
The secrets of performing under the pressure of big competitions
Mastering the stress of life's defining moments
80% mental 20% technique

Growing up we all pursued our talents, practiced our sports, music, and hobbies, until we mentally gave up. Physically we had not even reached our peak. We were always coached how a particular activity is 80-90% mental and only 10-20% ability or technique, but we always spent 80-90% of our time practicing technique and trying to improve our ability. What about the mental preparation? The Mental Toughness seminar will provide the tools and a proven system to take your student to the next level, and teach them how to continually raise the bar with their own level of expectations in all their endeavors.

Eagle "U" is very proud to be able to make this program available to your student. Space will be limited to ensure personal attention. If you have any questions, please call us at 1-888-7 EAGLEU or 214-383-0577, or visit our website at

Yours in success,

Your Eagle "U" Team

For Mental Management clients - please let them know you were referred by Mental Management when you call for details and you will receive a $200 discount on your tuition - (not to be used with any other scholarship)

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