Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Nannette Hill - LPGA Player attends training!

"Coming off of two elbow surgeries and two seasons on the LPGA and LPGA Futures tour, I realized something was missing. I would have weeks of playing great and other weeks were I couldn’t make a cut. Each week was an emotional roller coaster and I felt as though I had no control. I realized I needed more mental consistency and a plan on how to do this. Lanny has provided me with the structure and tools I needed to have a more consistent mental approach to the game. Thanks Lanny!"

Nannette Hill LPGA Tour Pro

Nannette attended a 2 day Mental Management course with Lanny Bassham in Flower Mound, Texas. Call 972-899-9640 for more information or check out http://www.mentalmanagement.com

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