Sunday, November 27, 2011

Email from Michelle Merrill, Mrs. Louisiana 2012

"I want to say thank you to Heather Sumlin for her help with my interview training for the Mrs. Louisiana America pageant.

My husband introduced me to the Mental Management System in May and I read the book "Freedom Flight". This book opened my eyes to how really small we are as humans. I began to let go of the things in life that don't matter and this helped me to focus on ME and how to be a better version of ME. I went on to read the book, "With Winning in Mind", and was able to relate the book to my competition in pageants. Then, I met Heather. I trained with Heather for my interview and she was able to teach me how to explore the questions being asked in a different way. She taught me how to sell myself as the right person for the job. She also introduced me to her audio, "What Every Pageant Contestant Should Know" and "Mental Toughness for Pageantry", which also has many insightful hints on how to stay in control of yourself throughout the whole competition.

I was always first or second runner up, but with the Mental Management System and Heather's help, I finally walked away with the title. I was crowned Mrs. Louisiana America on Friday November 11, 2011. Not only did I capture the title, I won in 12.5 points! I kept calm throughout the entire competition and focused on what was important and even won the Mrs. Congeniality award.

Heather's help didn't only help me in the pageant, but in life as well. I am a much happier and outgoing person now and I know any goal is capable of achieving. She helped me to look at life in a different way that has made me a winner every day of my life.

Thank you again Heather."

Michelle D. Merrill
Mrs. Louisiana America 2012

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