Monday, June 20, 2011

Jessica Boudria - Shares Her Experience Working with Mental Management

My name is Jessica Dawn Boudria, and I have been a contestant in the Today’s Girl Pageant since it began in 2006. Last year, at the national finals, I won Princess in my division (which is second place overall to the Queen title). This year, I wanted to be more successful at the state finals, which historically was a more difficult competition for me, partly because it falls at the very beginning of summer – always a busy time – and is usually the very next week after school is out. I just didn’t perform that well at the state pageant, and since I am a true Texas girl, the state title was a goal I wanted to achieve, but always seemed to peak at winning talent.

My mom heard about Mental Management and wanted me to attend sessions in preparation for the state finals, because, as moms do, she had a lot of confidence in me and knew that I could win the competition. When I met Heather Sumlin, she had a smile on her face that said “Welcome!” without her saying a word. She was very sweet and helpful, never criticizing me when I wasn’t sure of how to answer an interview question. She gave her opinion in a kind way, without attempting to change my views, but to help me express them clearly. Heather taught me to make my answers interesting, fun, and to always paint a picture for the judges to visualize so that they would remember me. She was interested in me and my life outside of pageants, too, so I really enjoyed going to my appointments with her. My mom began to notice that she didn’t have to prompt me to practice my talent or work on my interview questions for the pageant. I had developed my own drive to succeed because Heather helped me to determine not only why I wanted to win the state title, but also why I should win the state title. So many teenage girls, like me, have issues with their self-image, and by working with Heather, I began to have one of what Oprah Winfrey calls an “Aha moment.” I know for sure that I am an outstanding, talented young lady with a giving heart and a fun personality! How could the judges not enjoy me?

At the state finals last week, I went into the interview competition confident that my answers would be fun to listen to and when I left the interview room, I was sure that the judges liked me! That just made all of the other competition easier, because mentally, I was in the right place and for the first time, I wasn’t stressed or nervous about the competitions. I was ready to take the
stage! On the final night, I was thrilled to be crowned as the 2011 Texas Today’s Teen Queen and I am so looking forward to reigning for the year and having the opportunity to realize one of my reasons for wanting to be the teen queen – so that I could be a role model to younger girls and a positive mentor to those who are my own age. Now that I have Heather as my “life coach,” my confidence level is way higher and I know that I can use the lessons she has taught me not just in pageants, but as I apply for college scholarships and eventually apply for jobs that I really want. I consider Mental Management as my “secret weapon,” and Heather as a mentor and friend. Thank you so much, Heather!

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