Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Young Skeet Shooter Gains Mental Edge

Check out this testimonial from Christian Elliott's father. Christian is a 13-year old skeet shooter. He's already making a great name for himself with implementation of Mental Management System techniques and products. See how he has sharpened his mental game and how his Dad gained a mental edge too with our Performance Coaching product.

Mr. Bassham,

Our advisor/coach Larry Easley told us that I should share this with you. I have attached an excerpt from the June Skeet Shooting Review, profiling the NSSA All-American Team. I thought that it might be of inertest to you because of the effect that your material has had on our son. He is 13 yrs old and this will be our third year shooting. We have worked significantly with Larry and he has done a magnificent job in teaching him the mechanics of skeet shooting. This year, as Christian progressed, Larry began sharing some of your teachings. We read Freedom Flight together to begin our understanding of the power of mental management. I then bought the performance coaching product and have implemented those teachings. Within the last couple months, we have focused hard on the self-image part of the triad and as you can see in the article, “That’s just like me to hit that target” has made a profound impact on him. Just last week, Christian ran his first 100 straight in 12 gauge. However, the real testament to mental focus was that just a couple hours later, he ran another 100 in the 20 gauge! I know that without implementing your techniques, he would not have put together a 200x200 so quickly, or even at all. I just wanted to say thank you for putting what you have learned out to the public!
Thank you,
Greg Elliott

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