Saturday, February 5, 2011

Gymnast uses Mental Management to regain confidence after a serious injury

Recently I found a blog post where a trainer recommends the book "With Winning in Mind" so I sent him a message to learn more about how Mental Management helped him. Here is the response he sent.

Yes, Lanny Bassham's book was instrumental in changing my life and I’m forever grateful. I really was terrified to get back on the high bar after I broke my neck after a fall off the bar during practice. Through Mental Management, I was able to regain confidence to succeed and years later place 3rd in the Big Ten Championships on the High Bar finals behind 2 National Team members (one of which was an Olympian) even though many were much more talented and skilled than I.

I really did fulfill my potential as a gymnast and was able to squeeze out the ability my being would hold because I was able to train very hard and focused.

I would love to help you guys promote your seminars and books whenever possible.

They changed my life forever.

Thank you,

Jon Ham

Fitness On The Run


It's amazing how a book can help someone overcome fear and reach their goals! Thanks for sharing Jon!

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