Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Coaches Training Program - April 15 & 16, 2011

Coaches Training Seminar

Who will benefit from this seminar:





Any coach who wants training on how to build the client or student at the same time as they teach technique.

Our Goal is to help to make your job easier and help to make you a better coach or instructor

What will you learn:

How to structure training to help build self image in your students.

How to get more done in less time, advance students faster, prepare them better.

How to help students understand how to set goals and change habits.

How to develop leverage to make students do what they don’t like to do in order to reach their potential.

How to determine readiness factors in order to know what coaching style to use.

How to be a more effective coach by adapting to different coaching styles.

How to maximize the effectiveness of the coach and minimize the pitfalls that can cause your team trouble

Learn the secret to building a program people can’t wait to join.

Learn the benefits of learning from mistakes.

Determine ways to diagnose if a student is having is a Focus Issue, Self-Image Issue or a Technical Issue.

Learn why some players who are playing well have a down turn.

Learn what to do when a players performance drops.

How to change your coaching according to the learning styles of the students to increase retention and understanding.

Learn how to seek out opportunities to inspire and motivate not simply instruct.

How to conduct Performance Coaching Session.

How to make your counseling with your students powerful, memorable and effective.

Develop an understanding of how the mental game syncs with technique and form

Develop an understanding of Mental Management as it pertains to instruction.

Very little training is available for coaches and we are excited to offer this session!

When & Where:

April 15 & 16, 2011 – Homewood Suites, Lewisville, TX

Cost - $695 per person limited to 25 coaches

Early Registration is $550 per person for those who register by March, 25th!

Go HERE to Register or call 972-899-9640

The Instructor for this session is Lanny Bassham who will be assisted by Troy Bassham.

Lanny is a Silver and Gold Medalist in the Olympics, Two-Time World Champion, Official Olympic Coach for 2 Olympic Games, owner of the International Shooting School where he coached for 11 years and Mental Management Founder, Business Owner and Mental Coach for the last 31 years. Lanny also owned and operated a Multi-Million Dollar Networking Business for 20 years with extensive training in sales & leadership. Lanny has created this New Coaches Program based on what he has learned through his experiences as a coach and business owner. You won't want to miss it!

This type of training is applicable to any coach or anyone who works with people. Coaches who have attended or are signed up to attend this training course include coaches in the following sports:

Dog Sports
Shotgun Sports

And Non-sports related coaches or managers in the following areas also attended or are planning to attend this training:

Vocal Performance
Pageant Director/Coach
Law Enforcement
Parents of competitive youth

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