Sunday, May 31, 2009

Winning Golf - It's All in Your Mind - Now Available!

Now available to ship! Be the first to own this in-depth audio program for golfers who want to apply Mental Management to their game.

Winning Golf includes a discussion of the tournament mental system that we teach to the players that attend our training seminars here in our studios. You will learn how players develop consistent mental performances. You will learn how to significantly reduce the mental errors that you might make in a competition resulting in more shots hit online and greater enjoyment of the sport. We discuss the common errors players make and how to avoid them, controlling pressure and building confidence.


- How to Improve your Mental Consistency on the Course

- The Tournament Mental Management System Players Use in Competitions

- How to Use Mental Management Before, During and After a Shot, Hole, Day, Tournament, etc.

- Over-trying & How to Avoid It

- How to Evaluate Your Play Effectively

- Quiet Eye Phenomenon

- Mental Program for Golf

- Be Decisive in Your Thinking

- How to Use Pressure to Your Advantage

- The Zone Phenomenon

- Dealing with Distractions Appropriately

- Make your Mental Game a Constant in a Game of Variables!


This 4 disc set is only $100! Super Charge your mental performance in golf today!

Click Here to order! or call 972-899-9640 to order your set.

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