Thursday, May 14, 2009

Congrats to Joe Maddox!

I (Heather Sumlin) had the pleasure of training a few high school seniors who have big goals in acting and musical theater. The audition process can be a stressful situation. Thousands of kids audition and very few are accepted into the top schools. Acting Coach Mary Anna Dennard is a fan of Mental Management and recommends her students to me for training. I did some One on One coaching as well as a large group seminar for students and parents to attend which was a great success. Here is just one example of the success of the program:

"I had an amazing experience this year auditioning for Musical Theatre Schools. Last year I only got into one school and I really didn't like it there, so I decided that I was going to reaudition this year for more schools. Heather and I talked about so many things. As you can imagine I had alot of insecurities built up from the rejection of last year. Heather started me off with the CD "What Every Stage Performer Needs to Know FIRST About the Mental Game" it really opened my mind to what performing was really about. You had to be strong mentally, no matter how much talent you have. If you can't deliver what God gave you, then what's the point? Without Heather I don't think I would have been able to clear my head enough to truly be all I could be this audition season. She really helped me to understand more about God's plans for my life and taught me to put my faith in him always. She led me to find the confidence that I needed to believe in myself again. She was always encouraging and just has the best outlook on life. I once told her that just riding in the car with her made the world seem a little bit brighter! I am happy to report that I have been accepted into a few top programs, but most recently I was accepted into Carnegie Mellon for Musical Theatre. They accepted 7 guys for Musical Theatre this year out of thousands of people! I don't know if I could have been on of the 7 if Heather hadn't have shown me the way! God bless! I love you Heather!!!!"
Joseph Maddox

Thank you so much Joe for sending over this testimonial! He is a wonderful young man and is headed to one of the best schools in the country to pursue his passion!

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