Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Life Purpose - Have You Found It?

Yesterday Lanny Bassham spoke at a luncheon and was specifically asked to share his Freedom Flight message. It was a great talk - great crowd - although it was a crowded group who could not settle down early in the luncheon - once Lanny began to speak you could hear a pin drop. It's amazing the emotion that a keynote speech like that can create in people.

At the end of the talk we were bombarded with people wanting to purchase the book which is always a welcomed sight. We met some amazing folks who seemed to need the information being presented and welcomed the idea of finding their Life Purpose. But it was a gentleman who didn't want to attend that caught our attention most. He walked up to the table to purchase his books and handed Lanny a note. See he was forced to attend the luncheon by his boss - never wanting to be there but he found that maybe he was meant to be there. It's times that like that when we realize our Life Purpose has been chosen for us. Our family is dedicated to making a difference in people's lives - our life purpose is to help you be a better you.

Are you in Prison or Free? If your attitude is controlled by your environment you are in Prison - a self-imposed Prison.

The book "Freedom Flight - The Origins of Mental Power" is a short but powerful story which includes 15 success principles. Order today and save 20 - 40% off depending on how many you order!! Call 972-899-9640 for more information or click here.

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