Thursday, February 26, 2009

What do Miss Iowa, India's first Olympic Gold Medalist, and Golf Professionals have in common?

What do Miss Iowa, India's first Olympic Gold Medalist, and Golf
Professionals have in common? Mental Management Systems.

Miss Iowa, Olivia Myers, took 2nd RU at the Miss America pageant in January.
The road to Miss America is long and hard: contestants must win on the local
and state level which typically takes years of hard work and determination.
You only get one shot at Miss America so the pressure is intense.

"Mental Management helped me achieve a level of concentration and confidence
that is necessary for anyone seeking the job of Miss America.
I received mental strategies and training techniques that I could easily
transfer into daily life. Now when the competition begins, nothing will
distract me from the task at hand." Olivia Myers, Miss Iowa 2008

Abhinav Bindra won a gold medal in rifle shooting at the 2008 Olympics.
This is a milestone for Bindra personally and for his country: the first
gold medal ever for India. Imagine the pressure of feeling as if the hopes
and dreams of your entire country are riding on your shoulders.

PGA Tour Players and Professional Golf Instructors also have joined the
Mental Management fan club.

"Lanny Bassham and the people at Mental Management Systems can give you the
tools to perform at the peak of your physical skills. This is not "sports
psychology" taught by someone who has never competed. This is performance
enhancement training, taught by a competitor that won an Olympic Gold Medal
and spent 10 years at the top of his sport. I have begun to use it in my
teaching and my own competitive game, and I believe in it 100%."
-Cameron Doan, Preston Trail Golf Club, NTPGA Teacher of the Year

How can one system meet the needs of 3 very different groups of people? Ask
Founder and CEO of Mental Management Systems Olympic Champion, Lanny

As the author of the books "With Winning in Mind" and "Freedom Flight - The
Origins of Mental Power", Lanny Bassham has been teaching mental training to
athletes, business professionals and performers for three decades. His
Mental Management System has been used and endorsed by top athletes
including PGA Tour Players such as Fred Funk and Jerry Kelly.

In 1972, at the Munich Germany Olympic Games, Lanny Bassham failed in his
attempt to win the Gold Medal in International Rifle Shooting. He had a
mental failure resulting in his taking the Silver instead.
Frustrated, Lanny wanted to take a course in controlling the mind under
pressure. After looking for such a seminar and not finding satisfaction,
Bassham began to interview Olympic Gold Medalists to discover what they were
doing differently to win.

What he discovered was truly remarkable. Bassham created a system of mental
control he calls Mental ManagementR. Within the next six years Lanny Bassham
dominated his sport, winning 22 world individual and team titles, setting 4
world records and winning the coveted Olympic Gold Medal in Montreal in

For the past 30 years, Lanny has been teaching Mental ManagementR to
Olympians, business owners, Fortune 500 Corporations and the elite of sport
and business community. Lanny Bassham is recognized as a teacher of the
world's best in the area of mental preparation for sport and business. His
clients include the PGA and PGA tour players, Miss America finalists, Miss
USA winners, World and Olympic Champions, Fortune 500 companies, The United
States Secret Service, The US Navy SEALS, The United States Army
Marksmanship Unit, The FBI and many more.

To set up an interview with Lanny Bassham or to learn more about Mental
Management Systems please email or call

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