Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Bowling and Mental Management

Susie Minshew was the first two-time USOC Bowling Coach of the Year and has her own coaching business, Strikeability, Inc. Susie is a Gold Level Coach, an award winning writer, and sought after speaker.

"Lanny Bassham has it figured out. How we play sports is how we live our life. Lanny's innovative approach to truly managing the mental aspects of your life provides a unique skill set for any competitor. Whether in sport, sales, or life, if skills are equally matched, the advantage will always go to the competitor who can manage their mental efforts successfully. The Mental Management System is a complete program embracing the whole person. Its application in sport and most importantly, in life, is refreshing and practical. Without exception, all of my students on the program only regret they didn't know about it sooner!"

Susie Minshew, CEO, Strikeability, Inc. Alvarado TX

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