Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Mental Management Students Head to Miss America!

January 24th on TLC the New Miss America will be crowned. Will she be a Mental Management Student?? Tune in to find out.

You can also watch our pageant clients this month on a new reality series called Countdown to the Crown where all 52 contestants are shown in a variety of competitions and the viewers (YOU) get a chance to vote for 4 places in the top 15. 4 girls will have a chance at the crown based on YOUR VOTES - show airs on Friday nights on TLC (9pm Central). Check out the show and vote for your favorite. Miss Texas & Miss Iowa are students of Mental Management and Miss Pennsylvania is a customer of ours as well.

For those of you who may not know Miss America is a full time job. The winner travels the country promoting her platform and speaking to a wide variety of audiences. She is a spokes person for our country and is much more than just a pretty face. Being involved with pageantry over the past several years we have learned that pageantry is a tough sport and we encourage you to tune in if you have a chance to see how our students handle the pressure of competition!

Miss Texas Rebecca Robinson has attended a full day training course with Lanny Bassham as well as several two hour session with Heather Sumlin leading up to Miss America. Living local she has been able to do on going training on a regular basis and is excited about heading to Vegas next week!

"Eight years ago when I won Miss Teen Texas, I learned the importance of being mentally prepared. In the pageant world, one's mental focus affects every category of competition, not to mention the impression that is left on others. I truly believe that had I not gone into the pageant fully mentally ready, I would not have won.

Mental well-being and preparedness can also be applied to life. How does one react in the workplace? At home? In tackling new tasks?

When I began working with Mental Management as Miss Texas I finally found an actual system to help develop this mental capacity. Not only does it help organize focus into a mental structure, but also frees one's mind from the extra weight and mis-management presented by everyday life. Mental Management is crucial to anyone competing in the game of life and can only increase one's chances for personal success."
Rebecca Robinson, Miss Texas 2008

Miss Iowa, Olivia Myers has taken several hours of phone training with Heather Sumlin and has several products including the Performance Analysis Journal which she keeps to help her stay on track.

"Mental Management helped me achieve a level of concentration and confidence that is necessary for anyone seeking the job of Miss America. I received mental strategies and training techniques that I could easily transfer into daily life. Now when the competition begins, nothing will distract me from the task at hand. Thanks, Heather!" Olivia Myers, Miss Iowa 2008

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