Thursday, August 7, 2008

New World Record set by Bob Kadow! Congrats!!

We received this email yesterday from Bob Kadow about his success using Mental Management!

Heather, I don’t know how long I have been using the Mental Management System, but it has to be at least 20 years. I have been shooting PPC (Practical Police Competition) since 1980. I have all of Lanny’s tapes, books and anything else that I could get. One year I went to San Antonio Texas to visit my wife’s relatives and we drove to Sequin, Texas looking for Lanny and found out that he had moved.

His information helped me win my class in the NPSC (National Police Shooting Championships) in Jackson Mississippi, in 1993 and 1995.

Three years ago I had surgery for cancer and six months later I had my back operated on. It was very difficult to get into the PPC shooting positions so I had to do something to keep shooting so I started shooting Rifles and long range hand guns. I could sit at a bench and shoot all day with no problems. Last November 2007 our club started shooting USBR (United States Bench Rest) on May 8, 2008 I set a new World record with a CZ 17HM2 rifle in the Sporter class. The old score was 229/4x and I shot a 242/4x (250 is a perfect score).

We shoot a target that has three sighter targets and 25 scoring targets, at 50 yards. I find my concentration the same on the last target as I had on the first target. I know that this is possible because of the information I have learned from Lanny’s Mental Management System. I can say that I am just an average Joe that found a system that works. By the way I had my grandkids load the tapes on my IPOD so I can listen to them.

By the way I am 67 years old and it feels great to out shoot the kids. I know that I beat them mentally.

Still hoping, that I have a chance to meet Lanny, one of these days.

Thank You for giving me a chance to tell my story, and I recommend Lanny’s system to both new and old shooters. It works.

Bob Kadow

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