Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Announcing Mental Management University

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The following Mental Management Videos are now available for immediate download at Mental Management University:

Winning the Mental Game
Goal Getting
Performing Under Pressure
Mastering Self Image Growth


As a result of request made by our international clients to have instant access to products without having to pay shipping we found a way to offer downloadable video!

Read below BEFORE you purchase!

The plus side is that you can download these videos immediately save some money on shipping and we are offering a discount on the videos for the first month as we test out this system.

The down side is that this system will only allow the download to work on the PC you download it to. It cannot be used on a MAC and cannot be transfered to other computers or to a DVD player. If you would like to use the videos on more than 1 computer you will need to purchase the DVD set from our website.

Each video is only $25 to download.

Our Mental Management Seminar on DVD Set is $150 for the four DVDs. So you are saving $50 if you download all 4 videos.

About the Videos:

Winning the Mental Game includes:

An overview of the Mental Management System
Lanny's Olympic Story
3 Mental Processes that control performance
What the Olympic Gold Medalist told him about mental preparation
Length of Video 44 minutes

Performing Under Pressure includes:

Myths about Pressure
Forms of Mental Rehearsal
Strategies to Control Pressure
Recovery Strategy
Building the Sub-Conscious
How & why to keep a Performance Analysis
Length of video: 56 minutes

Goal Getting includes:

Mental Management Goal Setting System
Reasons people fail to reach goals
Rules of Attainment
Ways to Stay the Course
Length of video: 1 hour 6 minutes

Mastering Self Image Growth includes:

Building Self Image
Understand Behavorial Styles
What kind of Self Image works?
Changing your Self Image
Understanding and Using Directive Affirmations
Length of video: 53 minutes

Mental Management University
to download your videos now!

Our goal is to offer downloads of many of our products for our clients as a more affordable way to access the information.

Questions? Please call 800-879-5079 or email info@mentalmanagement.com

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