Thursday, October 6, 2011

3 Hour Group Classes with Lanny Bassham!

3 Hour Group Classes are BACK!
October 20 & 21
Flower Mound, Texas

October 20 & 21 in Flower Mound, Texas we have 4 group classes available. Check out the links below for date, time and details for each class. Attend all 4 classes for the price of 3!

Performance Under Pressure - you will Learn:

  • The foundation of Mental Management
  • How to use pressure to your advantage
  • The truth about pressure
  • Not only What to do but Why and How to manage pressure

Training to Win - You will Learn:

  • How to maximize your time in preparation
  • How to use proven training techniques used by Champions
  • How to evaluate and tweak your mental system
  • How to avoid burn out by following training guidelines and planning your year

Mastering Self-Image Change - You Will Learn:
  • How to protect your Self-Image
  • How to eliminate doubt, fear and over-trying
  • How to build Self-Image (understanding Self-Image growth is the number 1 reason elite performers are elite)

Goal Getting - You Will Learn:

  • The Goal Setting System used by Champions
  • How to set the right goal
  • How to improve the probability you will reach the goals you set
  • How to overcome obstacles that arise as you head to your goal

Register for all 4 classes HERE

Register online through the links above or call 972-899-9640 for more details. These classes are perfect for any athlete, business professional, stage performer or parents of competitors.

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