Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Congrats to Ellie!

"I've been training dogs for over 15 years with several dogs but have never reach the level of success I had hoped. This summer my friend which also trains dogs and I decided we were lacking something in our tool box to achieve our goals. We had an excellent training schedule, our dogs are great but we needed more. I had heard about Mental Management a while back and had purchased the book "With Winning in Mind" and one for my friend but it never went any further then that. For some unknown reason we both decided to read "With Winning in Mind" and set up a few phone consultations with Heather Sumlin at Mental Management and we began a whole new experience. It has changed me personally, I look at my training in a whole new way. I'm amazed that the simple act of keeping a journal can change the way you think; I am always positive. My self-image has grown by leap and bounds, I am looking forward to expanding my knowledge in The Mental Management program. At my last trial I was able to practice the Mental Management techniques and the experience was a true success. The trial was my dog's first and we finished first place. Our score was very acceptable!" Ellie Fish

This is an example of how Mental Management products and phone consultations are helping people reach their goals. For details on phone consultations email info@mentalmanagement.com or call 972-899-9640

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