Thursday, October 23, 2008

Attend a Lanny Bassham Talk for only $20!

Are You in Prison or FREE?

Freedom Flight Message - Live
Olympic Gold Medalist Lanny Bassham shares this powerful message

Date: Saturday, November 15, 2008

Time: 2:00pm - 4:00pm

Location: Legacy Church

Street: 4501 Legacy Drive

City/Town: Plano, TX

Order tickets to be held at will call desk here.


We have never done an event like this at this price and the last time Lanny shared this message where it was open for anyone to attend was 2 years ago! Please come if you can - we don't know when or if we will be able to do this again!

Join us for an emotional, motivational journey! Lanny Bassham's new book is based on this amazing story and he will be sharing this message with all who attend this event! This is a perfect introduction to Mental Management.

Along with this incredible talk by an Olympic Champion each ticket holder will also receive a FREE copy of the book "Freedom Flight - The Origins of Mental Power" just for attending the event! (retail price of book is $21.95)

Cost to attend is ONLY $20 per person. (ages 12-18 may attend free of charge with paid adult - free admissions will not receive a book)
To order your tickets call 972-899-9640

This session is for competitors, athletes, stage performers, parents of competitive youth, business professionals and anyone who needs to have a strong mental game or wants to learn how to stay positive no matter their environment.

Below are comments from people who have experienced this talk live, read the book or listened to the Audio of "Freedom Flight - The Origins of Mental Power":

"Freedom Flight inspired me to make changes in my life that I had been postponing because they were outside of my comfort zone. This outstanding story made me realize that I do have the power to make important changes in my life and gave me the courage to take charge once again. I recommend this powerful product to anyone looking for some encouragement, whether it be to improve your professional or personal life."
Stashia Rivera, Director of Media Relations, Denver, CO

"Freedom Flight is incredible! I heard it for the first time from Lanny in his own words. This story will grab you within the first few minutes. Freedom Flight and its' lessons of mental power can't help but impact everyone who listens. Enjoy this incredible story and learn that the mind can overcome things you cannot even imagine until you read Freedom Flight." Fred Funk, PGA Tour Player

“Freedom Flight inspired me mentally and spiritually to go to the next level in my competition. It also moved me to be a better person. Life is not just about winning and losing, it’s about learning and growing and Lanny showed me that God has a plan for me.” Shilah Phillips, Miss Texas 2006, 1st Runner Up to Miss America

"Lanny Bassham has been an inspiration to me during my competitive years of golf. His book continues to inspire me in business as well. Freedom Flight has changed my perspective in business helping me to keep my focus on the important and letting the unimportant things go." Jun Lee, Entrepreneur – Owner and Founder of Styles by Jun

"Freedom Flight is one of those stories that touches your heart and soul. It touches you so significantly that you are moved, moved to action. Freedom Flight reminds us that heroes still exist and that potential hides within each of us . . . if we just give it a chance." Craig Braun, DMD

"This story is so extremely powerful! It really makes you think and be grateful for the good things in your life. Every time this story is told, it touches my heart and I know that Lanny Bassham shares it for a purpose – to touch the lives of everyone who hears it in a positive way. Thank you for the inspiration, Lanny!" Richelle Braun, President, Eagle Solutions Corporation

I just finished listening to Freedom Flight and felt compelled to e-mail you. I’m hoping that this e-mail will make it to Mr. Bassham as I really want him to know that I was impacted by the CD. For years I have doubted, had regrets, and never looked at myself as having much potential. To some extent, I live in fear over circumstances both real and imagined. I’m 44, have a great job, a beautiful wife, two incredible small children, and a wonderful home. My response to circumstances has put me in bondage for the better part of my adult life, until now. Hopefully, things can change. FREEDOM, it seemed like such a big word. Thank you Mr. Bassham for being willing to share your story. I may not turn out to be a great athlete or a successful entrepreneur; my focus is more on my role as a husband and a father. Joe Huot

Lanny, I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the CD “Freedom Flight”. What a powerful story and outstanding lesson to pass on to others. My wife and I both listened to it and found it both inspiring and humbling. Adam Sweetman

Received "Freedom Flight" CD - Have listened to it several times - Will listen several more times before giving it to others. Very well done - The delivery -- The story - The principles - The applications - The inherent encouragement to find and fulfill one's own life purpose - Jim - Denver CO

Of all the stories I have heard Lanny tell over the years to illustrate his principles - trust me there have been hundreds - this is by far the best story of attainment and imprinting I have ever heard. I've begged him time and time again to put this story on paper for everyone to enjoy and learn from. I'm so thankful he has finally produced a product to share so others can be touched by this incredible story of desire and becoming. I highly recommend this CD to anyone who needs a little push in a positive direction. Anyone who feels like the world is caving in around them will probably have a different perspective on life after hearing this amazing story. I did. - Heather - Grapevine TX

--"My fiancée blessed me with a copy of Freedom Flight. What a wonderful book with great insight! The lessons from the box were profound. Your book gave me some wonderful tools for improving my life. I currently reside in Minneapolis and you can be sure that I will be promoting your book! Anybody who wants to change their outlook on life needs to hear your message. I look forward to purchasing more of your products. Great job! May your book continue to be a blessing and may the "lessons from the box" continue to touch many other souls."

This is Glenn Walker from Australia. I wanted to contact you and express my feelings when I listened to Freedom Flight on CD. This is one of the most amazing and touching stories I have ever heard. It doesn't matter what sort of person you are, If you are not emotionally touched and welled in the eyes after hearing that story, your not human. I have heard nearly all of your material and it is all great, however this material alone has made me see and given me the inspiration to take my family life, business and sport of skeet shooting to an entirely new level. Congratulations on such a great production and above all thank you for giving me the opportunity to hear both yours and Jacks story, its truly amazing. Feel free to use these comments in any of your printed material, as I believe the more people that hear and absorb this material, the world can only be better for it. Thanks again. Glenn Walker

Please ask for Heather Sumlin

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