Friday, March 14, 2008

Chris Smith attends another session with Lanny Bassham

(photos are of Chris and Beth Smith's first visit to Mental Management September of 2007 taking a look at Lanny's Olympic medals)

Chris is a professional golfer seeking the mental edge for competition. Like many of the Tour Players we worked with in 2007, Chris signed up for our Limited Elite Program. In this program the client comes for 2 days of intense training and then comes back 6 months later for an assessment. Limited Elite clients also receive a full year of consultation with Lanny and Troy Bassham. We encourage our Elite clients to bring their spouses at least to part of the training especially our golf clients. For many golfers their success is a joint effort and the wives like to be included in their success and growth. We feel that by having the wives understand the mental side of the game she can be even more of an asset to the team.

Chris came for 2 more days of training on Monday and Tuesday of this week. Lanny and Troy spent a day with him in the office working in a classroom setting and then spent Tuesday on the course helping him apply his new and improved mental system. He walked away excited about the tournaments that lay ahead. His performance analysis is strong, his mental system is solid, now it's up to him to execute on the course in competition. We look forward to his success. Good Luck Chris!! As always he was a joy to be around and an amazing talent!

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