Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Queens turn to Olympic Champion for advice on capturing the crown under pressure!

December 21st we had a room full of queens, parents and board members in our office for mental training. Helen Bassham and Heather Sumlin both volunteer for the Miss Plano Frisco Organization and each year Lanny donates 1 day of training to the titleholders to help them prepare for Miss Texas. Since starting this in 2006 the MPFO team has been very successful at Miss Texas. Shilah Phillips, Miss Frisco, won Miss Texas in 2006 on her first attempt and placed 1st Runner Up to Miss America - the best Texas has finished in over 30 years! Miss Plano, Heather Hodges was 4th Runner Up in 2006 and as Miss Frisco in 2007 she placed 1st Runner Up. Erin Hunt, Miss Teen Plano in 2006 placed 3rd Runner Up and as Miss Teen Frisco she placed 1st Runner Up to Miss Teen Texas. Teen Frisco in 2006 Morgan Fuller won talent and was 6th overall (Morgan also won a state teen title in another system the same year). Pageantry is a tough sport - the better you are the shorter your career unlike most sports we are familiar with. In pageants once you win your local title you do not have anymore competitions until the state pageant so there is less time to train in an actual competitive environment. Couple that with all the other stress that goes along with preparation and pageants can prove to be a very mental sport indeed.

Below are some comments from some of those who attended the session:

"The first word I think of when I think about the Mental Management seminar is inspiring. This was an experience that will help me reshape my life. It was really good to hear Mr. Bassham's story as to how Mental Management got started. I have already started to use the tools he suggested to change what I do when there is a decision to be made. His story was very encouraging and I plan to use the tools he has given us to help me make my year as Miss Plano as successful as possible." Adrianna Nelson - Miss Plano

"Since I become apart of the Miss Plano Frisco Organization I have heard nothing but great things about the work I would be doing with Mental Management. I now know why so many people felt changed after they left the first seminar. You truly do not understand how great the program is until you are able to experience it for yourself. I with one session already feel more calm about things, touched by the amazing stories that Mr. Bassham shared with us, excited about my future with the program and thankful that I have the opportunity to work with such great people such as Lanny Bassham and Heather Sumlin! I know that we are going to have lots of hard work and good times ahead." Brittany Forrester - Miss North Texas

"I was SO excited to finally go to the Mental Management Seminar conducted by our sponsor and Olympian Lanny Bassham! I read his book "With Winning in Mind" and listened to Heather's CD "What Every Pageant Contestant Should Know First About the Mental Game" as soon as I got them, so I'd been anticipating the seminar for a while, and let me tell you, it was everything I'd hoped for and more. Lanny is so WISE. You can tell from his demeanor, his stories, and this thoughtfulness that he has so much life experience. He and his personal story were so inspiring, all of us gained so much confidence and drive from the seminar. I can't wait to start applying his methods to not just my Miss Texas preparation, but also to my life!" Brooks Dennard - Miss Frisco

"The morning of the Mental Management seminar, I woke up feeling so excited. I did not even mind waking up so early because I was about to experience a life-changing event. I had seen and heard of how wonderful and helpful the Mental Management System was but I am glad to say that it was even better than I expected. Lanny Bassham and Heather Sumlin taught us numerous things about the mind that I had never even thought were relevant to physical performance. I went into that seminar expecting great things, and I am elated to say that my expectations of this seminar and system were greatly exceeded.

It was a memorable day full of myriad questions and detailed, thorough answers. Stories were told that left everyone in the whole room emotionally touched and in tears or laughing hysterically. I feel so lucky and privileged to have attended this seminar and have the opportunity to meet an Olympic gold medalist, Lanny Bassham, who is one the most intelligent and cordial person I have ever met. This is not only a system that I can use for pageantry; I can use it for all aspects of my life such as school, tennis, and my future career. I am truly thankful that Lanny Bassham offered a full day to help prepare us for the Miss Texas and Miss Teen Texas pageant. And I would like to extend another thank you to Heather Sumlin who helped us apply what we learned in the seminar solely to pageantry. It was a remarkable day that I will never forget! Thanks again to Mental Management Systems!!!" Lea Ciskowski - Miss Teen Frisco

"I hope you had a blessed and Merry Christmas. I wanted to take a moment to say thank you for spending a wonderful day with my daughter and I. Your insight and compassion for life is truly contagious. As we left your office after your mental management coaching with the MPFO/North Texas girls we knew that God had opened this door not only for Brittany to prepare for Miss Texas but also for life. As we set and listened to you and your father's encouraging insight and amazing stories it strengthened the way I had been raised and the way my husband and I had raised Brittany, "To embrace life" no matter what comes. After hearing the story of the POW, I set and reflected how God has taken care of every detail of my life and my family's life. You and your family are amazing and we are truly blessed to know you. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. I hope you all have a Happy New Year!! God Bless" Terri Forrester (Brittany's Mom)

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