Friday, November 2, 2007

Mental Management & Pageantry?

Mental Management Systems has been working with pageant contestants for the past several years. This summer Pageantry Magazine published an Industry Insite on our company.

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Here is a short version of the article:

What types of clients and events do you serve?

We teach a wide variety of clients, from professional athletes to parents of competitive youth. Recently, we have become more involved with pageant contestants, helping them apply Mental Management to improve the chances of reaching their goals. We can help anyone who has to succeed under pressure, including pageant competitors, stage performers, parents, directors and coaches.

Describe your products and services.

We offer products and one-on-one training. The best products to start with for pageant competition are the book With Winning in Mind and the audio CD What Every Pageant Contestant Should Know First About the Mental Game. Our web site lists all of our products that are applicable to pageantry and stage performance. The next step would be to call our office and set up a one-on-one training session. We also send out a free email newsletter each month which is helpful as a resource for our clients and way to stay in the loop.

What goals do you set for your clients?

We believe that goals should be about what you attain, not only what you accomplish. Pageants and other stage performance competitions are subjective in grading, making it difficult to goal set for something you do not have complete control over. We help clients set goals for situations they can control. We also want them to leave the competition feeling good knowing that they performed up to their potential under pressure. After Miss America this year, we received a phone call from Shilah Phillips, Miss Texas, telling us that her mental performance in competition was exactly where she needed it to be and thanking us for helping her with her preparation.

Why do you feel competitive events are important for participants?

I think competition forces you to strive for greatness, face failure, struggle through adversity, and analyze yourself deeply. Pageantry is a tough sport! Sometimes you learn more from your struggle up the mountain than you do standing on the summit – we love helping to make the climb a little faster.

Why do you enjoy being a part of the competition event industry?

Competition is everywhere. We compete for jobs, a spot on the team, the lead in a school play, promotions, business from clients—you name it. To be truly competitive, you need to have all of the ingredients in place, and your mental preparedness is part of the mix. There is nothing more rewarding than having our clients call or e-mail us with success stories. I can’t imagine a better business to be in.

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