Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Canine Cover Models Needed!

We are working on several new products for different dog sports and we need some photos to use on the covers. If you would like to send in a photo of your dog to be considered for a future product please email the photo to Heather Sumlin at heather@mentalmanagement.com

Please include your name, the dog's name, any accomplishments you want us to know about, how you use Mental Management in competition and/or preparation and your contact information.

We are working on products for the following dog sports:




We are in need of photos for Obedience immediately. We have a new Audio CD for Dog Obedience coming out as soon as we have a cover created. We would like to use a photo of a dog who's handler has an understanding of Mental Management and wants their dog on the cover!

We are looking forward to seeing the photos of our customers who use Mental Management in preparation and competition. Our goal is to always use a photo on our covers of a dog who's handler understands what our company is all about.

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